Charlie Mullins’ Plastic Surgery: Why Does His Teeth Look Weird?

Charlie Mullins has had plastic surgery. He denies a facelift but admits to some procedures around age 60. Fans speculate teeth work, among others.

Meet Sidney Charles Mullins, or as he’s commonly known, Charlie Mullins. He’s quite the British business guru, born on the 28th of October 1952. You might have heard of his brainchild, Pimlico Plumbers, which happens to be the biggest independent plumbing company in the whole of London. Impressive, right? The thing is, he sold it off in 2021, which was an essential professional move for him.

Let’s roll back the years to Mullins’ early days to get a glimpse of his childhood. His father was a factory worker, while his mother had a job as a cleaner; quite a humble beginning, to say the least. When they welcomed Charlie into their arms for the very first time, they were living in a cramped space in Camden. Not exactly the lap of luxury, huh? They then proceeded to the Rockingham Estate in Elephant and Castle, London. Charlie was raised in that neighborhood, smack in the middle of the city.

So far, the story appears rather straightforward. A slight plot twist comes here. Charlie dropped out of school at the early age of 15 without any sort of qualifications to his name at all. Yeah, you read that right, no fancy certificates or diplomas. It just goes to show that success isn’t always defined by the formal education route.

So, how did he become successful, you may ask? Charlie Mullins, the plumbing legend, started his journey as an apprentice when he was just 15. Fast forward to 1979, he created Pimlico Plumbers, and guess what? In 2021, he sold a whopping 90% of it to Neighborly for a cool £125-145 million! Now, the business rakes in $70 million and has over 400 hardworking folks on board, with his son calling the shots as the boss.

Recently, though, Charlie Mullins is at the forefront of plastic surgery speculations on the internet. What procedures did he undergo? Without further ado, let’s find out.

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What’s Up With Charlie Mullins’ Teeth Amid Plastic Surgery Accusations?

Charlie Mullins before and after alleged plastic surgery.Charlie Mullins before and after alleged plastic surgery.
Image Source: Celebs In-depth

So, there’s been quite a buzz about Charlie Mullins and whether he’s gone under the knife for some plastic surgery stuff. People are chatting away, saying that he might have had some facial rejuvenation because if you compare his older snaps to the recent ones, you can notice a change in his cheekbones. They seem a bit higher and more puffy in the newer pics. Also, his teeth look kind of weird.

But here’s the scoop, Charlie himself is totally denying all those gossip! He’s a pretty known name in the realm of business, and he remains adamant on his claim that facelift is not something he’s ever tried. He reckons all these speculations make no sense at all.

The billionaire was quite open about his cosmetic alterations in one of the interviews. The man carried no hesitation to insist on the fact that he did not get any sort of facelift, but he did confess to getting some plastic surgery when he was closing in on 60.

If you are to offer the benefit of the doubt, Charlie Mullins indeed got some work done. However, the change wasn’t anything crazy at all. It was not a facelift and the results weren’t truly transformational. You get the impression Charlie Mullins was trying his best to keep the record straight from his critics.

Needless to say, there remains little doubt that Charlie Mullins did dabble in a bit of cosmetic work, but maybe not a proper facelift like everyone’s talking about. It all went down when he was around 60, and he wants to make sure everyone’s clued in on the truth.

Twitter, meanwhile has no sympathy for him. One tweet read, “Charlie Mullins stars in – ‘When Plastic Surgery Goes Bad!'”

Social media can’t help but troll the entrepreneur, in particular Charlie Mullins’ face and teeth.