Charlotte Ritchie Boyfriend 2021 – Feel Good Actress’s Dating History!

Charlotte Ritchie has sold over 1 million albums as part of a band, she has met the Queen, starred in one of the biggest British shows and more recently she shone in Netflix’s Feel Good.  There is little the 31-year-old actress has not done in her career and she is continuing her exploration with the second season of the hit streaming show. This also means her boyfriends and past relationships have become relevant for thousands of her fans worldwide in 2021, and we are here to satisfy those needs.

Born on 29 August 1989, to her parents in the UK. She grew up with two siblings and has explained multiple times during interviews that the siblings are very uncivil to one another, but their parents force them to be nice. Charlotte grew up in a home that was musical and loving, she was raised with music all around her so it was no surprise when Charlotte was selected to be a part of All Angels crossover bad that lasted for a few years.

After giving her singing career a rest, Charlotte fully applied herself towards a career in movies and TV shows. She appeared in a Harry Potter movie, Fresh Meat comedy show, and Call the Midwife which really elevated the actress’s stature and visibility. She recently came to international attention after appearing in the hit Netflix comedy series Feel Good. Her turn in the show has also resulted in fans wanting to know about her boyfriend in 2021. So, here is everything we know about Charlotte’s dating history.

Is Charlotte Ritchie Dating a Boyfriend in 2021?

charlotte-ritchie-boyfriend-2021Charlotte Ritchie was dating her boyfriend from her University for a few years. She is single in 2021.
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There are hundreds of actors who are open about their relationship status, they do not care for the outward attention, some even seek it. But that is not the case for Charlotte Ritchie who has always been private about her relationship status. She does not even have an Instagram account to flaunt her boyfriend and partners.

But from time to time the actress mentions her boyfriend and relationship during interviews. She talked about a serious and long term relationship she had after leaving University. Though there are fans who think the actress is a lesbian stemming from her role in Feel Good, it appears she has only had boyfriends in the past and there are some details you need to know.

Charlotte Ritchie Boyfriend – Economist Ex of the Actress

When in the world of TV and movie, actors are most likely to date their fellow co-stars or people in their immediate world. Charlotte however has done things a little different, she met her boyfriend while studying together at University of Bristol. The couple met in uni but did not start dating until they both graduated.

In an interview with Daily Mail, the actress detailed how her boyfriend kept her grounded. She explained, “We were at uni together, but didn’t start dating until afterwards,’ she smiles, adding: ‘He explains economics to me. I want to understand it better. I sometimes read The Economist.” Charlotte and boyfriend were together for a few years then but she explained they were not thinking far ahead in the future, no babies or marriage was planned.

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It is not clear how long the relationship lasted after the 2015 interview. The actress did not mention her relationship detail in further interviews, until 2019. While in conversation with The Guardian, the actress said her guilty pleasure was watching Love Island, something her ex-boyfriend was totally engrossed with. She did not mention the name of her boyfriend or whether it is still her uni boyfriend, but she did mention he was her ex.

The actress said, “My ex-boyfriend used to watch a lot of Love Island. I would always go around to his and complain about it, and then, within five minutes, I would be telling anyone off if they spoke over the contestants.” Since then the actress has not been linked with any other romantic partner. In 2021 fans would love to see Mae Martin and Charlotte Ritchie date for real but they do not appear to be dating right now.

Charlotte Ritchie Plays George in the Netflix Series Feel Good

Feel Good is a semi-autobiographical show starring Mae Martin, a Canadian comedian who is living in London. She is a recovering drug addict who falls for George, a girl from a middle class family. They start dating but George struggles throughout the six-episode series to come out to her parents or friends which deteriorates George and Mae’s relationship.

Charlotte Ritchie plays George in the critically acclaimed series. In the final episode of Feel Good season one we saw Mae was having casual sex after breaking up with George. While George was still pining for her, their relationship was on the rocks. In season 2 we are getting a continuation of the story.

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Feel Good season 2 is coming to Netflix on 4 June 2021. The cast is led by Mae Martin as Mae, Charlotte Ritchie as GeorgeLisa Kudrow as Linda, Mae‘s mother, Sophie Thompson as Maggie, Mae‘s Narcotics Anonymous (NA) sponsor, and Phil Burgers as Phil, George‘s flatmate.

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