Chris Wakelin’s Weight Loss: Reddit Update on His Slim Figure!

Chris Wakelin has undergone a significant weight loss in his recent game. Although the exact amount and how he got slimmer are unknown, he once talked about losing weight. In 2021, as per Reddit, he did his share of getting fit by shedding some pounds that may help him in the future, which has undoubtedly helped him.

Chris Wakelin is a renowned snooker player who has achieved success in the game. When he was eight years old, his parents, Mark and Angie, purchased him his first small snooker table. By the time he was eleven, he was competing effectively in the local league. He had a difficult debut season as a professional, losing his first match in all ranking competitions save the UK Championship. He became a professional in 2013, and at the 2023 Snooker Shootout, he took home his first ranking championship.

Chris Wakelin recently defeated Jack Lisowski with a comfortable 6-1 victory. Trump completed his comeback with a brilliant clearance of 128—five frames in a row—earning him the chance to win the event for the fourth time on Sunday. If you have watched the match, you might have noticed that Chris has gotten slimmer as a result of weight loss. Not only fans, people who watch snooker are also interested in his transformation in weight.

Chris Wakelin Looks Really Slim and Trim After His Weight Loss!

Chris Wakelin‘s weight loss is quite visible in his recent game. If you have watched the recent snooker match of Chris, where he defeated Jack Lisowski with a comfortable 6-1 victory, you may have not only noticed his victory but also his weight-loss transformation looking slimmer.

Chris Wakelin looks really slim after weight loss. celebsindepth.comChris Wakelin looks really slim after weight loss.
Source: Sporting Life

Chris Wakelin’s recent appearance was a surprise and a worry for some fans, as he really looks too thin after the weight loss. How much weight did he lose? Well, we don’t know because he hasn’t shared yet, but we do know that he’s gotten a lot skinnier in a very short period of time. Many people were delighted to see his victory in a match, while others were eager to learn about his weight loss. So what actually made him undergo weight loss?

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Well, till now, he has not mentioned it, and we have no clue how he really did undergo a weight loss. Also, we are unsure if it was intentional or due to some health problem. As of now, he seems to be enjoying his victory, is focused on his next game, and has not really paid attention to the transformation discussion going on over the internet.

Chris Wakelin’s Weight Loss Reddit: Desire to Be More Fit!

Chris Wakelin had once talked about weight loss and how it helps in the game. Talking about being fit and his desire to lose weight back then, he predicted that it would be difficult work to shed weight. He planned to improve himself in a variety of ways, starting with losing a stone, getting out on the golf course, and relaxing for a couple of months.

In 2021, Chris Wakelin stated that losing a stone in weight would propel him back up the world snooker rankings. Wakelin, a 2021 seasoned campaigner at the time, felt that launching a health initiative over the next 12 months would provide the boost his career needed, which has indeed helped him.

Chris Wakelin shared the desire to get fitter by shedding weight. celebsindepth.comChris Wakelin shared the desire to get fitter by shedding weight.
Source: Instagram

Although it is unknown how he lost weight, he revealed a few years ago that he was undertaking a transformation, which has already been effective in 2023. He explained “That’s something he’s never really put anything into—he’s done fitness in the past and gone to the gym daily, but he never kept it up for more than two or three months at a time. He believes that in a year, he can enhance his skills, his conditioning, and overall be a better guy on and off the court.

Back then, when his game was not that good, he committed to being fit and backing up the world snooker rankings. He stated that he never expected to be back here, especially that year, given how his game had gone for the previous 18 months. He has made significant progress in practice and has worked really hard at his game. He believes he has made significant progress, which he demonstrated in qualifying but not so much Sunday.

Now, we can say that Chris Wakelin has improved significantly since winning the quick-fire snooker shootout in January. Perhaps his most notable quality has been his general demeanor, with the 31-year-old appearing entirely unaffected by the various situations he has found himself in. After defeating Shaun Murphy in the fourth round, he convincingly eliminated Yuan Sijun to reach his first ranking semi-final appearance in a traditional format tournament. He easily defeated a dismal Jack Lisowski on Saturday, winning by a score of 6-1. Finally, Reddit user can credit that his weight loss has benefited his game.

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