Christine Ko

Christine Ko is best known for her performance as Emma in the CBS comedy The Great Indoors (2016-17). The Taiwanese-American actress was born on 3rd August 1988 in Chicago, Illinois, to parents Wen Chieh (mother), and Frankie Kao (father), a legendary singer and actor from Taiwan. She was raised by her uncle and aunt in Atlanta, Georgia.

Prior to succeeding in the United States, the actress enjoyed a brief career in Taiwan. She’s been in the American acting industry since 2012. Besides acting, she is fond of cooking, surfing, golf, and old-school 90’s R&B music.

Christine Ko believes there are limited roles for Asian actors in the United States

Belonging to Taiwanese descent, Christine Ko believes Asian actors receive limited roles in the United States. In fact, her role of Emma on The Great Indoors was initially supposed to be a blonde woman. Thanks to her agent, however, Christine was able to land an audition.

Ko impressed in the auditions, and the appearance of Emma was changed from what was originally written. “I think that’s true diversity. You’re just like everybody else. You just look Asian.”

The 27-year-old added, “It’s the norm and how we all live. We just haven’t seen it in Hollywood yet.”

Although she was born in the show business, Christine never imagined herself on American TV. Speaking to NBC News in 2016, the actress revealed she had been auditioning for Hollywood roles for the last 6 years while her aunt and uncle (she was raised alongside) were left confused as to why she needed to work as a part-time Uber driver, a waitress, and a babysitter despite being an actress.

Speaking on the challenges Asian actresses face, Christine stated,

You get one shot. You sit in this room and sometimes you wait two hours, sometimes you wait two minutes. You’re sitting in a room with girls that look exactly like you and you start comparing yourself.

The actress continued,

Your one shot is probably 30 seconds, but you just spent 12 hours trying to get it down. You just have to go home and forget this thing ever happened.

Ko concluded by expressing her appreciation for the influential Asian American personalities, who are quite vocal about the lack of diversity. “It’d be really nice to focus on creating these jobs. I feel like actions speak louder than words.”

Stars as Emma on FX Comedy ‘Dave’ (2020)

Dave is a semi-autobiography about the Jewish rapper Lil Dicky (real name, Dave Burd). The fictional series, created by Lil Dicky and Jeff Schafer, and produced by Kevin Hart and Scooter Braun, revolves around the life of a rising rapper, who believes he is destined to become a hip hop star.

FX released a statement where Dave Burd (Lil Dicky) stated,

I’m so thankful for everyone who made this possible, it really is what I’ve been dreaming about since I was a kid. I love making people laugh, it’s my favorite thing ever. And even though I’m still fully in love with and committed to my career as a rapper, I’m excited to write jokes that don’t need to rhyme every time. Ugh, that rhymed.

As per IMDb, the plot reads, “A neurotic mid 20’s suburbanite’s convinced he’s destined to be one of the greatest rappers of all time. Now he’s got to prove it to everyone else. Yawn.”

As for the cast, The Cinemaholic states Dave Burd (Lil Dicky) leads the show as Dave, Taylor Misiak as Dave’s girlfriend, Ally, GaTa (Lil Dicky’s real-life hype-man) as Dave’s confidence booster, Travis Bennett as Dave’s childhood friend, Elz, and Andrew Santino in a recurring role as Mike. Meanwhile, Christine Ko portrays the character of Dave’s old friend and Ally’s roommate named Emma.

Christine Ko plays the role of Emma on FX comedy 'Dave.'

Christine Ko plays the role of Emma on FX comedy ‘Dave.’
Source: Christine Ko Instagram (@christine_ko)

Meanwhile, Justin Bieber, Tierra Whack, Kim Kardashian West, and YG are rumored to make cameo appearances on the show. Dave season 1 premieres on FXX on 4th March 2020.

Does Christine Ko Have a Husband or Dating a Boyfriend?

Christine Ko is neither married to a husband nor dating a boyfriend.

Christine Ko is neither married to a husband nor dating a boyfriend.
Source: Christine Instagram

Christine Ko appears to be single. There’s no hint of her dating endeavors on social media or any form of public domain. In fact, her Instagram is filled with people (and pets) close to her, but not the significant better half.

The young actress seems completely engrossed in her growing career at the moment. Taking a peek into Christine’s Instagram, the only sort of relationship she carries is with her adorable dog named Cali Bear. She often posts pictures and videos with this cute puppy.

On 20th October 2019, Christine took to Instagram to wish her pup, Cali Bear, a happy birthday. She wrote, “It’s your 4th birthday!!! ??? there’s nothing I love more than my lil Cali Bear!!! ?✨❤️ #pomsky maybe #chowsky maybe #chowpomsky”

Emma actress Christine Ko owns an adorable dog named Cali Bear.

Christine Ko owns an adorable dog named Cali Bear.
Source: Ko Instagram

When it comes to her boyfriend, however, fans might need to wait a while before she welcomes a romantic partner. In the meantime, Ko’s entire focus appears to be on making her name as Emma in the brand new FX comedy Dave.

Christine Ko’s Career in a Nutshell – What’s her Net Worth?

Christine Ko's net worth is estimated at $500,000.

Christine Ko’s net worth is estimated to be $500,000.
Source: Ko Instagram

Christine Ko made her professional acting debut with the role of Brenda for two episodes in an American family drama Hollywood Heights (2012). Three years later, she starred as Anna for a single episode in an American comedy-drama Ballers (2015).

In 2016-17, the actress was a series regular in an American sitcom The Great Indoors, making appearances in 22 episodes. In the meantime, she made a single-episode appearance as Tiffany in an educational comedy Adam Ruins Everything (2017).

In 2018, Ko played a recurring role of Jessie Nomura for six episodes in an action police procedural drama Hawaii Five-O. The same year, she featured as Vivian Song on Deception (2018) in an episode titled ‘Divination.’

Most recently, Christine portrayed the character of Ms. Chang for two episodes in a comedy-drama No Good Nick (2019). When it comes to the big screens, the actress’s credits include The Jade Pendant (2017), Grandmother’s Gold (2018), and Extracurricular Activities (2019).

Christine Ko’s net worth is estimated at $500,000.

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