Cody Ko Girlfriend – Relationship Timeline with His GF

Cody Ko was one of the teenagers who made it big on the now-defunct site Vine. He started the six-second audition hashtag, which added to his fame, and later Cody transitioned to YouTube and podcasting. Now, the social media personality is in a long committed relationship with his girlfriend, Kelsey Kreppel.

For fans of the Tiny Meat Gang, Kelsey Kreppel is a recognizable face. She has been in Cody Ko’s videos and podcasts with the couple calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend for the first time in Cody’s podcast. Since then, Cody and his GF Kelsey have been together for more than three years, and they definitely share a cute bond.

When and How did Cody Ko and His Girlfriend Kelsey Kreppel Meet?

cody-ko-girlfriend-kelsey-kreppelCody Ko and his girlfriend have been together for over three years now. They celebrated their anniversary on 16 September.
Image Source: Cody Ko Instagram

The first mention of Kelsey Kreppel from Cody Ko came in July of 2017 during his podcast. He was doing his weekly podcast when he explained that it was Taco Tuesday and his group of friends decides on who gets to host the event. That week it was Cody’s turn, and he had to cook for his friends.

Then the YouTuber went on a long and winding explanation of how he was not ready. Cooking for people is not exactly what he is good for, but there was an ulterior motive for Cody and his enthusiasm for hosting Taco Tuesday.

Cody explained that the reason he was hosting because a girl he liked was coming, and he wanted to impress her. We have all been there, trying to tidy up and make being presentable for a girl. Well, Cody needed to impress her, and as it turned out, he was able to sweep his now-GF off her feet.

When he was talking about the girl (not revealing Kelsey’s name then), Cody joked he met her on Tinder and started a conversation talking about Taco Tuesday. It was a joke; later, he went on to explain that the couple met one another through mutual friends.

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That one meeting in July of 2017 was enough for Cody and his GF Kelsey to fall for one another. He later mentioned Kelsey (not by name) again in August of 2017. After the first few dates were successful, the newly minted couple was going to an Ed Sheeran concert.

Kelsey Kreppel later came on Cody’s podcast and revealed she listened to the first time when he mentioned her. She thought it was cute and later she was asked by her friend to listen to the episode where he revealed they were going to a concert.

She mentioned how cute it was that he mentioned her and talked about her in the way he did. Kelsey appeared in Cody’s podcast in September of 2017, and that was the occasion when they called each other boyfriend and girlfriend for the first time.

It was mutual friends introducing them, which resulted in Cody and hid GF Kelsey starting their relationship. Two of them have now been in a relationship for over three years now.

Quarantine Videos of Cody Ko and His GF Kelsey are Cute

If you scroll through Kelsey’s YouTube page, then you will be hardpressed to find a video that does not feature Cody. More so now as the COVID pandemic has made it almost impossible to be with friends and large groups of people.

During the quarantine, Cody and his GF Kelsey are spending time together. They are masked up when they are out and about while spending time together. Kelsey teaches kids on Zoom while Cody eats like he hasn’t eaten in weeks (joke).

For fans of the couple, this pandemic time has been a gold mine for cute content featuring the lovebirds. From Who Wants to Be a Millionaire type games to trivia, the couple churns out a steady stream of content for their fans, and everyone seems to appreciate the duo.

Their most recent video is a continuation of their ongoing series. Cody Ko and his girlfriend Kelsey film themselves spending a week during the pandemic, and the most recent video was the fourth one in the series. There are plenty of “awe” moments in the video; you probably have seen it already.

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