Cody Ware’s Girlfriend/Wife: Is He Still With Cassidy Novkov?

Cody Ware was dating his girlfriend Cassidy Novkov. Although fans believe Cassidy is his wife, they were just a couple. However, Cody has deleted all his posts with his girlfriend, making viewers believe that they are no longer together.

Cody Ware, who was suspended by NASCAR after being arrested on April 10 on separate counts of felony assault by strangulation and misdemeanor assault on a female, is now facing further accusations. After paying a $3,000 bond, he was released. Ware surrendered to the Iredell County Detention Center on Friday (April 14) for further misdemeanor charges of assault, inflicting serious injury, and communicating threats. His bond is set at $5,000 for the extra offenses. According to the ICSO, both the earlier charges and the new charges resulting from an investigation are the result of activities that occurred on April 3, when a lady contacted 9-1-1 and reported a domestic assault.

Cody Ware’s girlfriend has been the center of attention since he was arrested, and many believe that they are no longer together. Those who have followed Cody since his early years are aware of his relationship with his girlfriend, but people who came after his arrest news are unfamiliar, so let us find out more about their relationship and if they are still together.

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Cody Ware Doesn’t Have a Wife but Is Thought to Have Broken up With His Girlfriend Cassidy Novkov!

Cody Ware’s (@codyshaneware) girlfriend, Cassidy Novkov (@cassidymarienovkov), is a veterinary technician from Arcata, California. Ware grew his fan base by competing in several association events. His girlfriend, Cassidy Novkov, has chosen to work in an entirely different industry while he spends his time racing automobiles. Although fans believe Cassidy is his wife, they were just a couple.

Cody Ware and his girlfriend Cassidy are thought to have started dating around November 2021. It’s unknown how and when they met, even though it’s believed that they began dating in November 2021. A picture of his girlfriend using a stethoscope at the University of Florida Small Animal Hospital was posted to Instagram in March 2021.  Cassidy’s experience demonstrates that individuals can follow their passions and vocations, even if they are in a relationship with a partner who works in a different field.

Cody Ware with his girlfriend Cassidy Novkov.Cody Ware and his girlfriend Cassidy Novkov are thought to have been dating since 2021.
Image Source: The Sun

When they traveled to the Electric Daisy Carnival in Orlando during that month, the two made Instagram their official account. Both his father, Rick Ware, and brother, Carson Ware, are Nascar drivers, and professional racing runs in the family. While veterinary technician Cassidy Novkov is from Arcata, California, She holds degrees from St. George’s University and the California State Polytechnic University in Humboldt.

Cody Ware made his relationship public in November 2021 by identifying Novkov as his girlfriend on social media. He shared on social media that he enjoyed himself at EDC Orlando by fusing his love of EDM and Novkov. He also added that she is his lifelong love and his rock-solid supporter on his Valentine’s Day post. Cody Ware usually brought his girlfriend along to his competitions, such as the NASCAR Cup Series, where on August 28, 2022, he referenced her in an Instagram story. Ware shared a picture of himself with Novkov and praised her for wearing her lucky socks in the report.

It is clear that the couple ]were committed to one another and that Novkov has had a big impact on Ware’s life, both on and off the racetrack. But now, things appear to have changed. Cody Ware posted several pictures of Cassidy Novkov on his Instagram account. But lately, Cody has started deleting photos of himself and Cassidy from his phone.

Cody Ware and his girlfriend Cassidy Novkov might not be together.Cody Ware and his girlfriend Cassidy Novkov might not be together.
Image Source: Instagram

After being detained on assault charges in North Carolina, he has been placed on an indefinite suspension by NASCAR. Ware, 27, was accused by the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office of assault on a female and assault by strangulation resulting in serious injury by the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office. Authorities have not provided any additional information regarding the event that resulted in his arrest; he was freed on a $3,000 bond.

The serious allegations against Cody Ware have sparked rumors that the couple might be breaking up. Fans also think that she abandoned him and didn’t help him through his difficult moments. We are unsure, though, if they are still a couple. We ought to hold off until we have the formal confirmation.