Colin and Justin’s Plastic Surgery: Their Cosmetic Procedures Include Botox!

Colin and Justin have been the center of attention for having plastic surgery. Although they have neither denied nor accepted any of these rumors, they had some cosmetic procedures, including Botox, to look younger.

The stars known as Colin and Justin, Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan, are Scottish interior design specialists and television hosts. Even though they have lived in Canada for over 12 years, they had their first visit to Nova Scotia. The pair are visiting the region, packing in as much as they can despite wishing to slow down and take a vacation to unwind after a busy period of nonstop work. They claim it’s been a journey of discovery because they wanted to interact with a region of the country that was unfamiliar to them.

Colin and Justin have received numerous compliments from fans throughout the years. Those who have known them since their early careers have noticed changes in their appearance and have talked about them. Fans have believed that the interior designer has undergone plastic surgery. So have they?

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Colin and Justin Have Been Rumored to Have Undergone Plastic Surgery, Including Cosmetic Procedures, Botox!

Colin and Justin‘s (@colinandjustin) fans believe they have had plastic surgery or, at the very least, Botox because they have few wrinkles and lines and appear much younger than their true age. Some speculate that they received chemical peels as well. Anti-wrinkle injections are said to give people a younger appearance because of this. However, some believe their lifestyle and skincare regimen are important to consider.

Colin and Justin's before and after plastic surgery.Colin and Justin’s before and after plastic surgery.
Source: Celebs In Depth

Justin had scars on his face. After doctors removed 13 moles for testing, the man posted pictures of his scarred face on social media, and many believed he had undergone plastic surgery. Despite receiving the all-clear, he acknowledges that he was initially hesitant to share the photos because they were “frightening”. These photos were taken four weeks apart, he wrote in his post. The first just had 13 moles removed during surgery. Today’s second was captured. He said;

I was lucky; an examination revealed that none of the moles were even somewhat malignant. Please, God.

Colin and Justin may not have had plastic surgery, but they had some cosmetic procedures to look younger. Botox can be used to treat wrinkles, especially those on the upper face, such as crow’s feet and worry lines between the brows. Botox has great smoothing effects, but it cannot lift drooping skin or fill in hollow cheek regions. Similarly, dermal fillers contain substances that plump your skin, minimize wrinkles and creases, and promote collagen growth. After the injections, wrinkles and depression scars may become less visible. They also add volume to thin lips and sunken cheekbones.

Colin and Justin's cosmetic procedures include Botox to look younger.Colin and Justin’s cosmetic procedures include Botox to look younger.
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Furthermore, Colin and Justin have neither denied or accepted any of these rumors. All of the information provided is purely speculative. We guarantee to get back to you as soon as we learn more about their potential plastic surgery operations.

Are Colin and Justin Still Together?

Colin and Justin have been together since 1986 and are still going strong. They are credited with popularizing laminate flooring in British homes. They married on February 15, 2008, in a private civil partnership ceremony in London, followed by a Caribbean vacation. Although they live in Glasgow, they split their time between the UK and Canada, where they have hosted programming for HGTV Canada and Cottage Life

Colin and Justin visit numerous shopping centers and malls, construct a house in the center, and then decorate it with items from the mall’s stores. The show was filmed in front of a live audience and debuted on UKTV Style in the United Kingdom. Colin and Justin feature on this early morning TV show, which is the same as GMTV in the UK. Terri Dwyer, Colin, and Justin, among others, joined as regular new presenters and decorators and fronted 24 episodes starting in January 2011, when the popular TV makeover show was re-formatted without its original host.

Colin and Justin are still strong and together.Colin and Justin are still strong and together.
Source: Instagram

Following the success of Home Heist and Great Canadian Cottages in the United Kingdom, they traveled to Canada to present them. They’re now regulars on Canadian television and live in Toronto and Glasgow. In addition, the couple writes a weekly piece in the Toronto Sun’s Friday and Sunday editions, offering home improvement tips. The column is syndicated to The Vancouver Sun, The Toronto Star, and The London Free Press. The column can also be found online. As a supplement to their current Cottage Life TV show, Colin and Justin write a weekly column for The Huffington Post and Cottage Life Magazine.

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