Controversial Netflix Shows – List of Netflix Shows and Movies That Caused a Lot of Stir

Netflix has been on the rise for a decade now, making and distributing movies and TV shows. The streaming platform is filled with new and old shows and movies. But with all that content also comes some scrutiny, and there are no shortages of controversial Netflix shows and movies.

From their inception to now a Hollywood juggernaut, Netflix has courted some controversy over the years. But this year has been particularly big in terms of controversial Netflix shows and movies. Let’s take a look at some of the most controversial content on the streaming platform.

Controversial Netflix Shows

The year 2020 has not been kind to Netflix in terms of PR. They are having a good year in terms of subscribers, but a lot of the company’s press has been about the controversy it is courting. It all started from the New Year when Netflix released a contentious show.

Messiah was Controversial, to Say the Least

Starting with 1 January 2020, Netflix released a hotly debated show on its platform. Messiah courted some controversy because the show dealt with the second coming of God.

Critics were divided on the subject matter, but most of the audiences made their own decisions. The show was not about pushing religion as Messiah’s creator said that they intentionally did not answer whether the character is a pretender or a Messiah.

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You can firmly put Messiah in the controversial Netflix shows of 2020. There was a lot of talk on the internet about the show’s content, but we will never get the complete answers as Netflix canceled the series after the first season, and despite a large following.

Cursed was Slammed for Prophesy Switch

With the rise in responsibility towards casting in Hollywood, there has also been a rise in feminist or feminism promoting, movies, and TV shows. Cursed fell into the controversial Netflix shows list because the story of the series switched King Arthur‘s legend.

King Arthur is one of the most adapted shows on stage, screen, and TV. The legend is ingrained into almost everyone’s brain, which is why when the sword of Arthur was given to Nimue, who would later go on to become the lady in the water, the show was review bombed by fans.

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Nimue was a great character but turning Arthur into a mercenary was something we did not agree with either. Still, the show was well-received by the critics, but the series’ fan reception is particularly low on IMDb and other sites.

Final Season of House of Cards of Extremely Controversial

Adapted from a British series, House of Cards was the first big Netflix hit. The show was showered with Emmy love, and fans fell for a sinister couple of Claire and Francis Underwood. But things took a turn during the filming of season 6 when Kevin Spacey was fired.

Kevin was accused of sexual harassment, and this resulted in Netflix cutting ties with the actor and killing him off-screen for the sixth season. That was not the cause for controversy; what people really got angry about is the direction the show went in season 6.

Claire Underwood was a beloved character, but the series was turned into a feminist movement from a cutthroat Washington story. From forming an all-female cabinet to all the other storylines, House of Cards season 6 looked like a patched-together work, and it caused a lot of controversies.

Just look at the score the sixth season episodes received compared to other seasons. This is why House of Cards falls in our list of controversial Netflix shows.

365 DNI – Not a Show But Immensely Controversial

Most of the people were locked in their houses during the pandemic’s starting phase when people discovered the Polish movie 365 DNI. The film was about a mobster who kidnaps a woman and gives her 365 days to fall in love with him.

Consider the movie a European version of 50 Shades of Grey. The movie was almost like a soft-core adult movie, you can even see how Google classifies the film in the search results, and it was controversial for the way the movie treated the female lead.

The dominating behavior is shown by the male lead the whole idea of kidnapping someone, and having unwanted sexual contact with them caused a lot to talk about how actresses are treated in film. A lot of feminist organizations wanted the movie to the brought down but to no avail.

The Biggest of All Controversies – Cuties on Netflix

Cuties received great reviews at Sundance, which is why Netflix got the rights for the movie. But the marketing campaign they had for the film caused people to think that the film was exploiting children for entertainment.

Clothed in revealing outfits and doing provocative dances, the movie was lambasted for promoting sexuality in children. Well, the truth was a little different as the film was trying to fight against the exploitation of children.

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Still, the movie saw one of the most organized review bombing campaigns with its current IMDb rating standing at 2.2. Controversial Netflix shows and movies do not get bigger than this.

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