Tomi Lahren Plastic Surgery – The Complete Story!

Tomi Lahren couldn’t have imagined in her worst nightmare that mocking 21 Savage’s deportation back in February 2019 would invite plastic surgery accusations against her. But that’s precisely what happened.

Following Savage’s arrest by the ICE accusing him of being an illegal U.S. resident since 2006, Lahren did not let go of the opportunity to take the piss at the rapper’s expense.

The political commentator wrote an article about the arrest, and when she shared the link on Twitter, she added her own twist to the lyrics of 21 Savage’s song ‘Bank Account.’

Savage’s fans were subsequently left outraged by Tomi’s tweet. Some believed she was unfairly mocking the rapper while others felt she was a hypocrite for previously lip-syncing the real lyrics to the song as a fan.

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Lahren, though, fought back, saying she could still be a fan of him while supporting ICE’s decision. But little did she know, she had invited the entire storm her way. Several prominent names began to attack the former TV host, most notably Cardi B, who threated to “dog walk” her, tweeting “Don’t make me get my leash.”

Tomi Lahren was dragged by rapper The Game accusing her of plastic surgery

The Game accused Tomi Lahren of plastic surgery.

The Game accused Tomi Lahren of plastic surgery.
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The Game is notoriously known for sparing no expense at displaying his savagery and roasting celebrities. When he set his eyes on Tomi Lahren, she knew her life was about to take a drastic turn.

The rapper understandably displayed no mercy as he took to Instagram to share a pre-plastic surgery picture of Tomi Lahren.

The Game shared a picture of Tomi Lahren on Instagram (now deleted) accusing her of plastic surgery.

The Game shared a picture of Tomi Lahren on Instagram (now deleted) accusing her of plastic surgery.
Source: Live About

The photo was deemed to be harassment and later deleted, but the damage was already done as the scathing post had already made rounds on Twitter much to the amusement of the fans.

The Game, meanwhile, wasn’t done yet. He took to his Instagram story to further drag the journalist by her blonde extensions.

Black Twitter joined in and collectively took the piss at her. Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, too, took matters into their own hands, proving that the former TheBlaze employee is all talk and no substance.

What is the actual truth about Tomi Lahren’s alleged plastic surgery?

Tomi Lahren before and after the alleged plastic surgery.

Tomi Lahren before and after the alleged plastic surgery. 
Source: Babe Net

There remains no doubt Tomi Lahren used to look a bit different before her stint in the Fox News. This was pretty much proven after footage of hers surfaced in 2018. Five years earlier, she had hosted a news program at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas called The Scramble.

The fans couldn’t help point out she looked so different back then that she must have had plastic surgery. Check out some of the images from her college days.

Tomi Lahren Plastic Surgery

Tomi Lahren Plastic Surgery

Tomi Lahren Plastic Surgery

Source: Babe Net asked a couple of plastic surgeons their say on the matter. Dr. Gregory Buford, a Denver-based top plastic surgeon, stated,

There are a number of changes noted to her face which appear to be the result of cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Buford continued,

Starting with the middle third of her face, her eyes look more open and the jelly roll (banding) to her lower lids is gone. This is most likely the result of Botox to the lower lids which effectively softens this banding and smooths the lower lid area.

The doc noted her more open eyes with much less hooding in her recent pictures, claiming she might have done a surgical brow lift, or perhaps Botox injected into her brows.

The other surgeon Dr. Sean Lille from Scottsdale, Arizona, concurred with Buford that she most likely had a nose job. “It appears she had a tip rhinoplasty,” stated Dr. Lille after analyzing the difference in her college pictures with the recent ones.

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Dr. Lille claimed possible dental work upon observing her teeth but was unsure if she did on her chin, jaw, or lips. On the other hand, Buford reckoned her refined chin point suggests she likely lengthen her jawline through injectable fillers or a formal chin implant.

Lille concluded by praising Fox’s makeup team. “The difference between college and Fox is that she has a great makeup artist.”

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