Hazbin Hotel Episode 2 – Grab All the Details Here!

Hazbin Hotel tells the story of the princess of hell who seeks to find an alternative solution to reduce hell’s population through a rehabilitation center that aims to provide the demons an opportunity at redemption.

The pilot episode that premiered on 28th October 2019 couldn’t have been a bigger hit after it garnered more than 3 million views in 4 days. This count seems to be rising every second, as fans cannot get enough of this amazing series.

Hazbin Hotel Episode 2 – When is the next episode airing?

Hazbin Hotel next episode - will there be episode 2?

Hazbin Hotel next episode – will there be episode 2?
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The show created, directed, and produced by Vivienne Medrano, better known by her online name VivziePop, showcases the bubbly princess of Hell and her aim to guide sinners towards the path of redemption.

The first episode of the series was pretty fun, which has led to the subsequent question about episode 2 amongst fans – when will the next episode release?

Watch: HAZBIN HOTEL (Official Trailer)

Unfortunately, there’s been no confirmation yet on episode 2. Observing the number of details put into the series, it largely depends on the direct support of fans on Medrano’s Patreon because the production cost must be extremely high.

During the live stream session on VivziePop’s Youtube channel, Vivienne stated she knows what she plans to do in the next episode but it’s not been made yet. In fact, they finished the production of the pilot merely a week before its release. The creator claims they’re currently pondering on the next step internally.

The best guess would be it’s gonna be at least a year before we see another episode. It usually takes a long time for any studio to get a series up and running. Meanwhile, it’s admirable how a small independent team managed to pull off what looks like a project of a multi-million dollar company.

Update: Vivziepop posted a video on 11th November 2019 on her Youtube channel, where she shed more light on the future of the series.

Here’s what the creator had to say:

We’re not going to leap into episode 2 just yet, mostly because we’re hot off the heels of the pilot. Now is the time to really see what comes of this and what is the best next step for the show because there are a lot of possibilities to explore.

Vivziepop added that all she knows is they don’t want to spend another couple of years in another single episode. They want to make a full season of the show, and there are so many possibilities on how to do that with how amazing the reception’s been.

Medrano continued expressing her confidence she will have the answers to those questions in the upcoming months, whether it be a season they try to crowdfund through things like Kickstarter or funding with a studio or getting officially greenlit. These are all things her team will explore, and she will make sure no matter what that she finds the right next step for the show.

The Hazbin Hotel creator concluded by promising the story is just beginning, and she knows exactly where the narrative goes and how it ends.

Hazbin Hotel – A brief look back at the successful pilot

Hazbin Hotel pilot episode was a massive success.

Hazbin Hotel pilot episode was a massive success.
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The opening episode of Hazbin Hotel was definitely a massive success. The fact that fans cannot wait for the next episode tells you everything you need to know.

The planned series follows the adventures of Charlie, who wants to provide the chance at redemption for the sinners since every year, Hell goes through a ‘cleanse’ where a large number of demons are massacred because of overpopulation. The other main character includes Angel Dust, Alastor, Vaggie, Husk, Cherri Bomb, and Sir Pentious.

The most surprising aspect of the dark, entertaining, and yet stylish animated series is actually the details put into it. The magical musical numbers and the incredible voice acting sound like they belong to big studios.

The animations appear to remind of the classic cartoons through the fluid hand-drawn 2D animations style. However, the content is strictly adult with a heavy amount of R-rated jokes. Remarkably, even the queer characters seem to be in abundance more than any animated series one can think of.

It’s fair to say fans cannot wait for Hazbin Hotel episode 2!

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