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Vivienne Maree Medrano is best known for creating the comedy/musical adult animated series Hazbin Hotel (2019) and its spin-off Helluva Boss (2019). Her other notable credits include Why I Hate Phones (2009) and Cartoon All-Stars Reanimate (2019).

Vivienne Medrano Wiki/Bio/Career

Vivienne Medrano is the creator of the animated series 'Hazbin Hotel.'

Vivienne Medrano is the creator of the animated series ‘Hazbin Hotel.’
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Medrano was born on 28th October 1992 in Maryland, USA, where she was raised by her parents. She began a webcomic named Zoophobia in 2012, which became a massive hit that helped shape her entire career. Since November 2016, however, the comic series Zoophobia has been in hiatus.

A couple of years earlier, Vivienne graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 2014 with a specialization in traditional animation. During her academic years, she released her thesis films, The Son of 666 (2013) and Timber (2014) – the latter winning the Dusty Award for 2014.

Check out: TIMBER- SVA Thesis Film -VivziePop

The animator briefly attended Gobelins Summer School in Paris, France, in 2016. The same year she shifted to California from her hometown. Prior to her work in Hazbin Hotel, she worked as an animator in Nico Colaleo‘s Too Loud! web series for Dreamworks TV.

Medrano is better known as VivziePop after her famed YouTube channel

Vivienne Medrano is better known by her YouTube channel called VivziePop that initiated on 8th September 2012. It currently boasts 1.51 million subscribers and over 183 million views. The YouTube star gained a huge loyal fan following after displaying her remarkable skills of drawing original animations.

Following her graduation from SVA, Viviene made her first real mark on YouTube on 30th October 2014, when she uploaded an animated video of her character from Zoophobia, JayJay, singing Kesha‘s Die Young. The hit upload has so far received almost 50 million views and 781k likes.

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Medrano’s YouTube adventure boosted her channel more than she had expected, and it subsequently helped her gain traction early on in her career. Now boasting a net worth close to $60,000, her career is definitely in an upward trajectory.

The ‘Hazbin Hotel Creator’ has been a subject of controversy

On 13th May 2019, Reddit user SummerAndTinkles made a post on the Hazbin Hotel subreddit community, where he shared the accusations made against the series creator, which included ‘drawing pedophilia, supporting blackface, and plagiarism.’

Hazbin Hotel creator Vivienne Medrano currently being accused of drawing pedophilia, supporting blackface, and plagiarism
by inHazbinHotel

The Reddit post redirects the link to a Twitter user jorieldraws who made a series of tweets in a thread, directing extremely harsh accusations (most notably racist and transphobic) against Vivienne Medrano in a largely obscene language. Please be advised to read them at your own discretion (check the Reddit link above).

Meanwhile, Twitter user throwawayblehh1 shed some light on the callout issue.

Vivienne was subsequently supported by fellow animator Ashley Nicols on Twitter. She wrote,

These same screencaps related to Vivzie and Hazbin Hotel pop up again and again every month or so and thus far I’ve ignored them but it’s probably time to say something. It sickens me seeing people trying to take down a project I and many others have poured our souls into.

Fans, meanwhile, most of them at least, seem to be on the fence till further evidence pops up, drawing more light on the whole situation.

Vivienne Medrano Social Media – Twitter, Tumblr, Patreon, Instagram, Facebook

Viviene Medrano, who celebrates her birthday on October 28, is active on most of her social media accounts. Her Twitter account @VivziePop boasts 119.9K followers.

The 27-year-old star’s got a Tumblr account Vivienne Medrano’s Portfolio (vivzportfolio), where she posts her arts. Moreover, her Facebook page displays lots of artwork. Furthermore, fans can check out the whole host of her artworks in her DeviantArt page VivzMind.

The YouTuber also owns a Patreon account where she is creating “Hazbin Hotel and more Cartoons!!” There are different levels of payments through which subscribers receive several benefits related to her new animated cartoon series.

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Meanwhile, her Instagram account (vivziepop_real) is yet to be verified where she is a regular uploader keeping her fans up to date with her works. Her bio reads, “I’m a 26 year old independent animator/filmmaker! I love to laugh n’ make people smile! Not much art here cuz uploading from phone is a b****.”

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