Hazbin Hotel Characters – Who Stole the Show in the Pilot Episode?

Let’s start this off by saying, Hazbin Hotel is fantastic! It is edgy, provocative, and nothing like the rainbow the pilot episode, That’s Entertainment, starts out with. For people who are among the 1.66 million subscribers on her YouTube page, the episode probably did not come out as a surprise because of Vivienne Medrano, or as she is known to her fans, Vivziepop is coming up with this type of work for a long time.

Well, not exactly this type of work because there is a level of uniqueness to the episode, and the reason for it is simple, no one is going to make a show like this or even imagine to take on this endeavor. Just imagine for a second, it took the team behind Hazbin Hotel, three years to finish one episode of the prospective series.

Hazbin Hotel Characters on the poster for the show.Hazbin Hotel Characters on the poster for the show.
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Three years of hard work also shows in the episode, the intricacies, and the detailed layout of each frame. This is something, which looks like it was done with the backing of a major studio who poured money into the animation, but it is not the case. Vivienne is an independent animator, which is why there is so much care about the characters of the show and the character, along with their interaction with one another is what really pushes the show to the pinnacle.

Hazbin Hotel Characters

Hazbin Hotel Characters are the real winners of the pilot episode of the show.Hazbin Hotel Characters are the real winners of the pilot episode of the show.
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Every show needs good characters to express the idea of the writer and director fully, and with Hazbin Hotel, Vivienne hit the nail on the head with these characters. They are equal bit funny and scary but also cool to hang out with and see how the team came together at the end if there is an episode 2 and probably a full series, the relationship will be the key factor to the success of the show in the long run.


Charlie with her parents Lucifer and Lilith.Charlie with her parents Lucifer and Lilith.
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Charlie is the leading character of the Hazbin Hotel, and she is a bubbly little girl who looks like a teenager, and her biggest trait is, she is compassionate. Oh, and also, she is the daughter of the devil and the princess of Hell. Charlie lived in Hell all her life, and the problem with the place is it is overcrowded, which is why every year, heaven massacre millions of souls to help unburden the place so more sinners can be sent down.

Charlie is not down with her people getting slaughtered, which is why she goes to the 666 News (that ticker at the bottom of the screen is hilarious by the way) hosted by Katie Killjoy (hates gay people) and there she reads out her plan to rehabilitate the residents of hell so they can make their way to heaven. She names her rehabilitation center, Happy Hotel, which later becomes Hazbin Hotel.

The princess of Hell is good at heart, she inhabits a brutal place, but her heart is not in seeing her people get killed. The last name of Charlie is still a mystery since Lucifer and Lilith are without last names; we will need to call her only Charlie.


Vaggie is the girlfriend of Charlie.Vaggie is the girlfriend of Charlie.
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Vaggie is the manager of Charlie, and she is also her lover, girlfriend, who does not like to seize control and loses her cool when people go off the plan. She wants to help Charlie succeed in her plan, but her anger and frustration make it really hard for her to get along with others.

Vaggie died in 2014, and she is a moth demon; she is also the youngest of all the people Charlie is friends with. She is also extremely protective of Charlie and her punching the cameraman for calling Charlie a b**ch was hilarious.

Angel Dust

Angel Dust is a adult movie star in Hell.Angel Dust is a adult movie star in Hell.
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Angel Dust is an adult movie star to whom everything is a double meaning joke, which was in full effect when he and Cherri Bomb were going up against Sir Pentious. He is also the first and only patient of Charlie’s rehabilitation center Happy Hotel and also the cause for the ridicule of the place. Angel Dust died in 1947 due to overdose, and ever since then, he is the biggest adult movie star in Hell.


Alastor is also know as the Radio Demon.Alastor is also known as the Radio Demon.
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Alastor is a powerful demon who is also known as the Radio Demon because when he arrived in hell, he took on some of the biggest demons in Hell, who ruled for thousands of years, and he played their destruction on the radio for all to hear.

The demon arrives in the Hazbin Hotel near the end of the first episode, where he asks to help Charlie get more people in her hotel. The only reason for his interest in the hotel is to see the “scum of the world struggle to climb up the hill of betterment only to repeatedly tumble down & trip and fall.”

Alastor helps to get people to work for the hotel like Nifty and Husk, and all he wants is to get some fun out of seeing Charlie try to rehabilitate demon, which he thinks is not possible.

Sir Pentious

Sir Pentious is an inventor and probablt met his demise in the pilot episode.Sir Pentious is an inventor and probably met his demise in the pilot episode.
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Sir Pentious is a gangster, for lack of a better term, he is a snake demon who wants to take over Hell, and during his trip to take control of the west side of the pentagram, he meets resistance from his arch-nemesis Cherri Bomb.

Angel Dust also gets involved in the turf war, and at the end of the episode, when he comes back to attack Hazbin Hotel, Alastor summons the tentacle, and Sir Pentious seemingly dies.

Other Notable Hazbin Hotel Characters

Husk is one of the friends of Alastor.Husk is one of the friends of Alastor.
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Husk is a gambler who becomes a bartender for the Hazbin Hotel after getting bribed by Alastor with cheap booze. Nifty is also a friend of Alastor who works as the cleaner and the cook at the Hazbin Hotel. Cherri Bomb is the arch-nemesis of Sir Pentious; she is also the best friend of Angel Dust.

So, Which Hazbin Hotel Character Stole the Show in the Pilot Episode?

Out of all the Hazbin Hotel Characters, Charlie is the best.Out of all the Hazbin Hotel Characters, Charlie is the best.
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The obvious answer for us is Charlie, the princess of Hell is the best character of the show without a shadow of a doubt. Just look at her list of ideas; unicorn kisses, Dolphin high-fives, sing show tunes=happy ending. She even made a drawing of a rainbow of at the end to signify a happy ending.

Never after to belt out a song, energetic about everything, compassionate, and even though she appears to be bubbly, she is also not going to take crap from people. When Katie Killjoy told her she was the replacement for Jeffrey Dahmer and then repeatedly belittle her, she was not afraid to throw down.

Watch: The trailer for Hazbin Hotel which was released over a years ago

Even in Hell, where everything is bleak, there is this girl who thinks demons can be rehabilitated and is willing to see the best in everyone, there is inherently something joyful about her whole demeanor, and we love it, we want more of it. Charlie may seem naïve, but she is one hell of a character, and we cannot wait to see what happens with her when the second episode of Hazbin Hotel arrives in the distant future.

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