Helluva Boss – Everything You Need To Know!

Helluva Boss is a spin-off animated series of Vivziepop’s critically acclaimed show Hazbin Hotel. The series takes place in the same universe as Hazbin but with entirely different characters and an original story.

Following the fantastic success of the incredibly fun, Hazbin Hotel, it comes as no surprise Vivziepop is looking to expand her hellish universe even further.

The pilot episode of the main series received tons of appreciation from fans and critics alike. Now it remains to be seen if the spin-off follows suit. The signs are definitely positive. If the first glimpses are anything to go by, it sure looks to be a massive hit.

Helluva Boss Wiki – How many characters? Who are the voice actors?

Helluva Boss characters and voice actors couldn't be a better fit.

Helluva Boss characters and voice actors couldn’t be a better fit.
Source: Tumblr

Helluva Boss focusses on four characters in particular – Moxxie played by Richard Horvitz, Blitz played by Brandon Rogers. Millie/Loona portrayed by Erica Lindbeck, and Brock Baker as Stolas.

Horvitz, meanwhile, is pretty well known for his performance as the Invader Zim voice actor. Likewise, the Blitz actor Brandon Rogers is a renowned Youtube comedian who co-wrote the series.

The story revolves around the three imps – Moxxie, Blitz, and Millie as they look to promote their assassin firm called Immediate Murder Professionals (I.M.P. for short).

Unlike Hazbin, this is produced in collaboration with SAG-AFTRA voice studio, allowing more Hollywood actors to star in the short. Therefore, there’s literally no risk of this series carrying uncertainty over the future episodes.

The Trailer

The trailer of Helluva Boss dropped on 14th November 2019.

The description of the trailer reads,

THIS CARTOON IS FOR ADULTS! Starring the incredible talents of Brandon Rogers, Richard Horvitz, Erica Lindbeck, and Brock Baker!

Follow Blitz, a classic demon Imp who sets out to run his own small assassin business with his weapons specialist Moxxie, his bruiser Millie, and his receptionist hellhound Loona. Together they attempt to survive each other while running a startup in Hell. Enjoy the brand new glimpse into this Hellish universe.


There were a lot of easter eggs and clues dropped during the trailer. Moreover, there were several links between the two series, Hazbin Hotel & Helluva Boss. Check them out below.

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Fans cannot wait for the premiere of the show.

When is the release date?

The series premieres on 25th November 2019.

Where to watch Helluva Boss?

The show will be released on Vivziepop’s official Youtube channel just as the pilot episode of Hazbin Hotel did.

Meanwhile, Vivziepop (also known as Vivienne Medrano) was previously a subject of lots of controversy and drama. You can read them all here. Also, if you need more details of the second episode of Hazbin Hotel, check it out here.

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