Derek Deso GF Turned Wife – Learn All the Details About Their Relationship

Derek Deso has made a career out of releasing extreme prank videos, whether it is eating something unsavory or just plainly being mean to his gf. The prankster has risen to over two million subscribers on YouTube. Now, a married man, Derek, and his wife, Sophia Turner, are going from strength to strength.

Well, it has been a long road even though Derek and Sophia have not been together for a particularly long time. And despite all of their pranks and almost breakups, the lovebirds ended up on the altar, surrounded by their family and son, saying their vows, committing to be together forever.

Derek Deso’s Relationship with His GF Turned Wife

Derek Deso got married to his gf, now wife, Sophia Turner in a private ceremony.Derek Deso got married to his gf, now wife, Sophia Turner in a private ceremony.
Source: Derek Deso Instagram

The relationship status of Derek Deso has never been in question. Every romance, date, heartbreak he ever went through are there for all to see on his YouTube channel. His past girlfriend and his break up and later attempted to patch up with the ex-gf made for some of his most popular videos.

Derek was in a highly publicized relationship with his ex-gf, Lycette Cornejo. The couple dated for a while but things turn south soon after, which resulted in the two calling it quit in 2018. While the former lovebirds tried to reignite their relationship, it seemed that the ship had sailed.

As the saying goes, “things happen for a reason,” and Derek Deso found that out when he met and fell in love with Sophia Turner in 2019. Like her newly minted husband, Sophia Turner is a YouTube content creator with a focus on makeup and fashion. She also features a lot on the YouTube channel of Derek.

They have been together for about two years now, and it did not take long for the two to commit to one another seriously. Soon after they started dating, things were heating up, resulting in Derek proposing and the couple getting engaged.

They decided to get married, but for months the date was kept a secret. With everything going on right now, they wanted to make their day perfect. In July, finally, the soon to be husband and wife decided to let the fans know about the date they picked for their big day.

Derek Deso and His GF Sophia Taylor Got Married in a Beautiful Ceremony

Derek and Sophia were engaged for a while, but the couple was playing coy about their wedding date. After calling off the wedding as a result of Derek’s prank, they finally revealed the dates for their wedding. The marriage took place in a small affair hosted by the husband and wife on 12 September 2020.

Sophia wore a beautiful embroidered dress, and Derek looked sharp in a dark blue suit with a white shirt. He was also wearing the Deso chain around his neck, which later was worn by his son Quincy. The couple posed for pictures in front of a beautiful flower arrangement with their dogs.

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There was also a wonderful video uploaded by Sophia, where she danced with her son. The marriage ceremony featured a small gathering of friends and family, and we are certain that the whole thing will be available on YouTube pretty soon.

Derek Deso Has a Close Relationship with His GF turned Wife’s Son

Derek Deso and Sophia Turner's son Quincy was a charmer during the marriage ceremony.Derek Deso and Sophia Turner’s son Quincy was a charmer during the marriage ceremony.
Source: Sophia Turner Instagram

After the marriage, Derek also became the father of Sophia’s son Quincy. Well, he considered the little man his son before anyway; still, the marriage tied the whole thing in a bow.

Quincy was the star of the marriage ceremony; we saw a picture of him wearing his dad’s chain. He also danced adorably with his mother. Quincy was not old enough to go to his dad’s bachelor’s party, but he would’ve been a hit had he went with the boys.

After a eventful relationship and a wonderful ceremony, Derek Deso and his gf, now wife, Sophia Turner, capped off a wonderful year for the couple. The couple appears to be infatuated with one another, and we wish for nothing but the best for the new Mr. and Mrs. Deso.

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