Grayson Dolan GF 2020 – Who is the The Handsome Dolan Twin Currently Dating?

Ever since the Dolan twins started making videos on YouTube, their star has been upward. With the love, the twins share, causing fans to fawn over, which has led to the meteoric rise of the Ethan and Grayson Dolan. Their gf and relationship status in 2020 is also of great interest to the fans.

Grayson Dolan’s gf in 2020 is of much interest to fans of the handsome YouTuber. The brothers have discussed their past relationships, but when it comes to confirming who they are dating in 2020, only Ethan has been forthcoming. But there have been some rumors and smoke when it comes to Grayson’s relationship status.

Grayson Dolan GF 2020 – Who is Grayson Currently Dating?

Elizabeth Seward was rumored to be Grayson Dolan's gf for a while.Elizabeth Seward was rumored to be Grayson Dolan’s gf for a while.
Source: Seventeen

When someone is famous and good looking at the same time, there are going to be abundant queries and rumors surrounding their dating life. Well, Grayson Dolan has been in the girlfriend rumor mill for a while now, being linked with people from James Charles to Madison Beer.

The brothers did a psychic reading last year when the psychic revealed that the two boys still have not met their future wives. Ethan revealed in the video has his brother has a tendency to think everyone he has dated is his soul mate.

Grayson seems to be an open-hearted person who has dated a few people by now. Still, when it comes to revealing his girlfriend to the world, Grayson is particularly coy. All we have are rumors to go on and nothing concrete from the social media personality.

Relationship Rumor with Elizabeth Seward

There was a whole host of events, which led to Elizabeth getting linked with Grayson. The rumors first started in 2019 when Elizabeth first like and then unliked a fan comment on her photo. The comment called her “Grayson’s girlfriend,” and her response caused some people to start the rumors.

Then the rumor reached fever pitch when Elizabeth Seward and Grayson Dolan were present in Paris at the same time. They posted pictures around the same time, which led fans to speculate that the two rumored lovebirds went to France together.

Also, Elizabeth posted a picture with roses and said that they were from “bae.” This all led to some serious talk about the two, dating, but in the end, it was just that, a lot of rumor, but nothing of substance came from either camp.

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There was also the Coachella video, which showed someone Grayson leaning on the shoulder of someone who looked like Elizabeth. Again, the video was grainy, and the clothes looked the same, but it was taken simply as a friendly gesture between friends.

In 2020 Elizabeth Seward being Grayson’s gf, is a dead rumor. The vlogger has never talked about the rumor, and there is nothing to link them together now.

Madison Beer Also Got Pulled into the Rumor Mill

There was a picture on Madison Beer’s Instagram story, which showed a vinyl player, which looked like the one picture Grayson posted. The photo resulted in the two being linked together as being in a relationship.

But that photo was not the only thing linking the two together; again, a Coachella photo was called into question. Madison was again linked as Grayson Dolan’s gf, but she was quick to shut down all the rumors. The Instagram celebrity denied being in a relationship with Grayson twice, so we can probably put a pin on that rumor.

2020 Has been Quiet in Rumor Front for Grayson Dolan and His GF

We all know 2020 has been a difficult year for everyone, and when it comes to getting entangled in rumor, the brothers have done a fine job of staying far from everything. They are still churning out videos, but except Ethan’s relationship confirmation, everything has been quiet in the gf front.

Grayson Dolan has always been quiet about his relationship status, and if he is dating someone, we do not expect him to share it with the world. Well, not in the early stages anyway, but he also revealed that he is down with dating fans, so, better shoot your shot people; Grayson appears to be single at the moment.

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