Dez Machado’s Boyfriend: Is She Pregnant With Her Ex-bf Renato?

Dez Machado doesn’t have a boyfriend and seems to be single as of 2023. She had dated her ex-boyfriend, Renato. She has once hinted at being pregnant on her Instagram, @champagnedesia, and fans think Renato might be the baby’s father. Dez has not said anything after sharing a story of an ultrasound package hinting at a delivery date of October 2023. But many sources have claimed that she had a miscarriage.

Dez Machado, sometimes known as Desiree Machado, is a YouTuber and social media star from the United States. She rose to prominence after submitting her videos to her self-titled YouTube channel. Her dedication and hard work have propelled her to international prominence. Soon after, she ascended quickly to fame in her area, influencing people and acquiring a lot of recognition through her work.

With her charming personality and appearance, she has many fans and supporters. Also, she is the crush of many guys. If you are also her fan, you might be wondering about her personal life, especially about her boyfriend. So who is Dez Machado dating in 2023? Let’s get into more detail about her relationship.

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After Splitting up With Renato, Dez Machado Doesn’t Have a Boyfriend!

Dez Machado (@dezmachado) does not have a boyfriend as of 2023, despite being seen with multiple male pals and having a nice demeanor. When it comes to her romantic life, she has managed to stay out of the spotlight. The social media personality, on the other hand, has previously dated her ex-boyfriend Renato.

Although she is now single, it wasn’t the same before Dez Machado was dating her ex-boyfriend Renato. Machado’s ex-boyfriend was a classmate who appeared in her YouTube videos on occasion. They split up in December 2019 after dating for roughly two years. She attended a local private school in her town for her early education and also a local high school, where she graduated high school. She acquired an interest in acting in her fifth-grade year after enrolling at the University of California, Los Angeles, and received support and attention from her parents, which helped her accomplish her passion.

Dez Machado with her ex-boyfriend Renato.

Dez Machado with her ex-boyfriend Renato.
Image Source: Trường THCS Nguyễn Thanh Sơn

This could be the reason for their breakup, as they were dating during their school years before deciding to pursue different careers. We can’t be sure of any assumptions as she has remained silent regarding her breakup with her ex-boyfriend Renato. According to sources, after splitting up with her high school boyfriend, Dez Machado dated another person for almost four months.

Dez Machado is a stunning, hot, and stunning girl with an appealing and engaging personality. She has a lovely, and curvy figure with great body dimensions and a slender body type that is wonderfully proportioned. So she’s had a lot of crushes, and now that she’s single, they might be eager to take any chances with her.

Dez Machado’s career has just begun, and she might be focusing on her career and staying out of any relationships after her last relationship, or she might be dating someone in private as these well-known figures try to keep their dating history, current boyfriend, or any kind of relationship private as much as possible. We will soon update you if we get any hints regarding her dating life in 2023.

Is Dez Machado Pregnant With Her Ex-boyfriend Renato?

Desiree Machado announced her pregnancy on Instagram and gave her due date. People are now speculating about who her baby’s father is. She didn’t say anything openly, but when she posted a TikTok of herself holding a baby and showing off her body, people assumed she was pregnant. Fans quickly began congratulating her. She also posted a screenshot of her fans and followers applauding her on her phony Instagram account (@champagnedesia). She stated in the captions,

Y’all need to wait for the reveal; it was supposed to be a spam secret.

Dez Machado posted an ultrasound of her pregnancy on her Instagram.

Dez Machado posted an ultrasound on her spam account’s Instagram Stories.
Image Source: Instagram

Then, on February 26, 2023, Dez Machado posted an ultrasound on her spam account’s Instagram Stories. She did not specify her due date, but her projected date of delivery was October 2023, according to the ultrasound package. She wrote;

I’m going to be a mommy.

After Dez Machado posted the story, it was shared by teatoktalk accounts. While the majority of them congratulated her, many were concerned and commented on how young she was to be pregnant. Having stated that many people are curious about her baby daddy. Machado is very private about her personal life, and her followers are concerned because she is unmarried. Many of her followers assume that her boyfriend Renato is her baby daddy, but their breakup has added to the debate. One of the pages congratulated her writing;

Congratulations to #dezmachado for announcing she’s expecting a baby late this year ❤️

Another fan wrote;

I first heard of this girl when she was in 8th grade omg.

The next one commented;

she posted once talking down on teen parents but now is becoming one

And one said;

I feel old and I’m younger than her

But many sources have claimed that Dez Machado had a miscarriage. We can’t be sure until she confirms the news by herself; we shouldn’t say anything based on assumptions.

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