Did Matthew Muller Act Alone in Real Life? Reddit Update

celebsindepth.com – Matthew Muller had revealed that he acted as part of a group in real life, but as per American Nightmare, he acted alone. Several Reddit users have pointed out these things, saying several truths have been hidden.

Netflix‘s Bernadette Higgins and Felicity Morris-directed American Nightmare is a documentary series that lives up to its title in every manner possible. That’s because it goes into the famed 2015 ‘Gone Girl‘ case involving Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn, only to reveal that Matthew Muller was responsible for their suffering. In the Netflix docuseries American Nightmare, viewers hear about Huskins‘ traumatic kidnapping in 2015, when she was seized from her California home in front of her boyfriend Aaron and kept for two days before being released.

Matthew Muller kidnapped and sexually molested Denise Huskins, and her boyfriend was compelled to pay for her safe return. Initially, authorities suspected the crime was a hoax, but Muller was finally identified as the offender. And now, viewers who have watched Netflix’s American Nightmare have wondered if Muller acted alone or was part of a group.

Matthew Muller Has Claimed to Have Acted in a Group in Real Life, but Netflix Showed Him Alone

Matthew Muller claimed that he participated in a group and wasn’t alone, so is it true? He is a former Marine and attorney most known for his role in a high-profile kidnapping case. He broke into Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn‘s Vallejo, California, house in 2015. And there are several claims that he didn’t act alone.

According to Matthew Muller, the kidnapping was not random, but neither the documentary nor the court files explain why he picked Denise and Aaron, who are now married. According to his public plea deal, Muller told investigators that he had a terrible disease that caused his crime spree. He also informed the San Francisco Chronicle about other statements he made both before and after his arrest.

In American Nightmare, Matthew Muller acted alone. celebsindepth.comIn American Nightmare, Matthew Muller acted alone.
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Matthew was not linked to Denise’s kidnapping until he was being probed for a separate crime. In June 2015, months after Denise’s kidnapping, Matthew broke into a Dublin, California, home. The house’s owner got into a confrontation with him during the crime. He attempted to rape the homeowner’s daughter.

Matthew Muller became scared and left his phone behind. Police tracked out the phone’s subscriber, Matthew’s mother, who confirmed that the phone belonged to her son. She informed authorities that he was staying at her cabin in South Lake Tahoe. Police nabbed him at the cabin in connection with the Dublin burglary.

In 2018, Muller was charged with kidnapping and raping Denise. However, he was not sentenced until 2022. During that time, Matthew was admitted to a state hospital before being judged mentally competent. He pleaded no contest to two charges of forceful rape. He pleaded guilty to robbery in an occupied residence, residential burglary, and false imprisonment.

Matthew Muller was sentenced to another 31 years in jail. He was convicted of kidnapping in federal court in 2017 and sentenced to 40 years in prison. In addition, he faced state charges and pleaded no guilty to two counts of forceful rape, robbery, burglary, and false imprisonment in Solano County Superior Court.

In real life, he claimed to have acted as part of a group, but he had actually acted alone, as proven in American Nightmare. He emailed the San Francisco Chronicle shortly after Huskins came home, claiming to be a member of a kidnapping group. He sent these emails regarding a kidnapping organization after hearing that the Vallejo Police Department had officially declared the kidnapping a fake at the time.

Reddit Users Thought About Matthew Muller’s Act

On Reddit, there have been several discussions about American Nightmare, with some wondering that Netflix might not have revealed the truth that Matthew Muller was not alone. Regarding the discussion one user said ‘We know Muller broke in and assaulted (or attempted to assault) at least three women prior to this.’

As per Reddit, Matthew Muller's true act has not been revealed in detail. celebsindepth.comAs per Reddit, Matthew Muller’s true act has not been revealed in detail.
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One Reddit user took out the point, saying that he had told the San Francisco Chronicle about other statements he made before and after his arrest. He claimed to be part of a group, yet he acted alone, as revealed by American Nightmare. So why didn’t they show he was in a group? Is the truth still hidden? Another user added:

If the police can’t find the suspect, they will create one. Perception and conformation bios caused a big mistake in this case.

Furthermore, another user said;

I’m not going to suggest he was present for the kidnapping or anything, but perhaps he planned this as retaliation against Andrea.

But as per Higgins, We know Matthew Muller had been scoping out the neighborhood for months previously, so it’s quite plausible that it was a case of mistaken identity, but there’s no other genuine dotted line connecting Matthew and Andrea.