Matthew Muller’s Wikipedia: Wife, Age, Birthday, Parents, Family

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Matthew Muller’s Wikipedia: Wife, Age, Birthday, Parents, Family - Matthew Muller's Wikipedia details haven't revealed his birthday, but he is 46 years old. He was a Harvard University graduate, and his family was shocked by his crime. His parents, Monty Muller and Joyce Muller, separated when he was in high school. He was married to his wife, Huei Jiun Dai, but she filed for divorce in December 2022 and has remained private. He is now serving a sentence at FCI Tucson in Tucson, Arizona.

The most recent true-crime documentary to join Netflix is American Nightmare, a gripping three-part film about how a police investigation into an abduction devolved into a media circus in which the victim was accused of fabricating her own kidnapping. The investigation centers on Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn, a couple accused of organizing the tragedy, when Huskins unexpectedly reappears.

In American Nightmare, Matthew Muller is Denise Huskins' kidnapper, and he's had an intriguing life since his sentence. As fans were connected to the show's story and learned about Muller, they became really interested in every detail of his life. Here's all you need to know about his crimes and where he is serving, including every Wikipedia detail regarding age, family, and wife.

Matthew Muller’s Wikipedia, Including Age, Birthday, Parents, and Family

You may know Matthew Muller as the kidnapper who is now in jail, but as per his Wikipedia details, he was a Harvard University graduate in 2006 and a US Marine from 1995 to 1999. He was a practicing immigration attorney in San Francisco, according to an FBI arrest order acquired by NBC Bay Area. He gained notoriety after raping and kidnapping Denise Huskins, which is now documented in Netflix's show American Nightmare.

Matthew Muller's parents were divorced when he was in high school. celebsindepth.comMatthew Muller's parents were divorced when he was in high school.
Source: Radio Times

As fans have wondered about Matthew Muller's age and birthday details, although his exact date of birth is unknown, he is 46 years old. Born to parents Monty Muller and Joyce Muller, they were shocked by their son's crime. He comes from a well-educated family, but what he did was really unexpected to his well-wishers, as he himself was studying law. As per sources, his parents separated when he was in high school. Further details regarding his parents and family are unknown, as they seem to be maintaining a private life.

He spent six months at the immigration company Reeves Miller Zhang & Diza (formerly Reeves & Associates). During this period, he abruptly resigned and notified his clients that he was starting his own firm. Before leaving, he decided to steal the firm's confidential documents. He broke into Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn's Vallejo, California, house in 2015. He kidnapped and sexually molested Denise Huskins. Before starting his career to its fullest, he was identified as a criminal.

Matthew Muller Was Married to His Wife, Huei Jiun Dai

Matthew Muller is a married man; he was married to his wife, Huei Jiun Dai. According to Hollywood Life, they had allegedly become close friends following their brief relationship, only to reconnect after his public 2015 arrest for kidnapping and rape. The fact is that she immediately began visiting him every week in his detained unit at Sacramento County Main Jail, which led to them falling in love and marrying in a 5-minute prison ceremony.

Matthew Muller's wife, Joyce Muller, filed for divorce. celebsindepth.comMatthew Muller's wife, Joyce Muller, filed for divorce.
Source: Oxygen

It has been observed that they signed their marriage license the day after he was federally sentenced to 40 years in March 2017, and she was not even allowed to hug her groom during their wedding. However, in December 2022, Dai filed for divorce in San Mateo County. According to court records, the dissolution of marriage case is still ongoing. At least until then, his wife, Huei, seemed determined to keep out of the spotlight.

Where Is Matthew Muller Now?

Matthew Muller is now, serving a sentence at FCI Tucson in Tucson, Arizona, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons. He was linked to an abduction case involving Aaron Quinn and Denise Huskins after being jailed for another offense. He was sentenced to 71 years in total in 2022, including 40 years for federal crimes and 31 years in state jail. He pleaded guilty to charges of forceful rape, robbery, burglary, and false imprisonment. Muller's expected release date is in 2049, and he is serving both terms concurrently.

Despite professing sorrow during the trial, Muller's illicit conduct and subsequent convictions resulted in a lengthy jail sentence. Matthew Muller is currently held at FCI Tucson, a medium-security federal penitentiary institution, where he faces the repercussions of his conduct while serving his sentences for the crimes he committed.

As per Screenrant, according to Muller, the kidnapping was not random, but neither the documentary nor the court files explain why he picked Denise and Aaron, who are now married. According to his public plea deal (via DOJ), Muller told investigators that he had a "terrible disease" that caused his crime spree. Muller also informed the San Francisco Chronicle about other statements he made both before and after his arrest.

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