Dietrich Kluge from Inside Job: Reddit Users Wonder About Voice Actor Mads Mikkelsen’s Movies, Wife, and Brother!

Nov 22, 2022 @ 4:31 GMT-0500
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Dietrich Kluge from Inside Job: Reddit Users Wonder About Voice Actor Mads Mikkelsen’s Movies, Wife, and Brother!

Dietrich Kluge from Inside Job is the leader of the Illuminati and Rand Ridley's enemy. As Reddit users wonder about the character, fans speculate actor Mads Mikkelsen might be the voice of Dietrich Kluge. The supposed voice actor is an iconic name, appearing in several movies and TV shows. Mads Mikkelsen grew up with his older brother, Lars Mikkelsen, and is married to his wife, Hanne Jacobsen.

Since Inside Job, Part 1 was a tremendous hit, Netflix viewers will now be able to enjoy the following 10 episodes of Inside Job, Part 2. Inside Job was previously expected to include at least 20 episodes for fans. This was at the time the initial order for the performance had been placed. As a result, the show has been split into two parts.

The television show centers on an antisocial genius named Reagan Ridley and her dysfunctional staff as they attempt to keep the conspiracies of the world a secret. The workplace comedy show is set in a world where many conspiracy theories are real. As they labor in the organization alongside reptile shapeshifters, a human-dolphin hybrid, and a sapient mushroom from hollow Earth, the series follows a team commanded by a tech genius and her new companion.

The American shadow government organization Cognito, Inc., which aims to rule the world and conceal conspiracies, is at the center of the story. To get back at Cognito, Inc., the leader of the Illuminati, Dietrich Kluge, orders his staff to wipe the memory. Let's find out more about the voice actor for Dietrich Kluge.

Previously, we touched on Ron Staedtler and Andre Lee.

Dietrich Kluge, From Inside Job, Is the Leader of the Illuminati and Rand Ridley’s Enemy, Voiced by Mads Mikkelsen? Reddit Update About the Actor’s Movies, Wife, Brother!

Dietrich Kluge, from Inside Job, is the leader of the Illuminati, and Rand Ridley's worst enemy. Only Rand Ridley and Dietrich Kluge are left for the final round as the plot and story progress. Part 2, titled How Reagan Got Her Grove Back, debuted on November 18, 2022, was directed by David Ochs and features Dietrich. It was written by Chase Mitchell and Shion Takeuchi.

Although we are unsure of the actor who plays the voice for Dietrich Kluge, several web sources have suggested Mads Mikkelsen (@theofficialmads). Even a Reddit thread about him claims that he must be the voice actor. Actor Mads Mikkelsen is from Denmark. He began his career as a gymnast and dancer before becoming a popular actor in Denmark as Detective Sergeant Allan Fischer in the television series Rejseholdet (1996, 2004) and Tonny in the first two Pusher films (1996, 2004).

In the 2002 movie Open Hearts, which starred Mikkelsen as a young doctor who falls in love with the fiancée of one of his patients, he was nominated for both the Robert and the Bodil awards for best actor in 2003. He grew up with his older brother, Lars Mikkelsen, and is married to his wife, Hanne Jacobsen. As of 2022, he is believed by many to be the voice actor for Dietrich Kluge in Inside Job, albeit unconfirmed.

Dietrich is European and constantly incites conflict between Cognito and the Illuminati. Every year, Cognito faces off against those eccentric Bavarians in the Power Struggle, a contest of dominance in which the loser is forced to kiss the winner's ring. There is a reason why Cognito is once again in the lead now that Rand is in control.

As the leader, Dietrich Kluge is tough and hard to defeat, Rand plans to use Reagan's nanobots to defeat Illuminati leader Dietrich at all of the competitions at a conference of the six secret societies that secretly rule the world: the Reptoids, the Atlanteans, the Catholic Church, the Juggalos, Cognito Inc., and the Illuminati.

To undermine Rand, Reagan commands the nanobots, but Staedtler is caught doing the same to Dietrich. The two get into a brawl, but a security guard stops them, and they are eventually caught. The two, who are hiding from the other guards, vent their concerns about their respective firms, which unintentionally leads to a kiss between Rand and Dietrich and results in both of their companies winning the activities. When a manhunt prisoner from one of the incidents escapes, J.R. is identified.

Rand was ousted from his post, and J.R, Cognito Inc.'s CEO for 40 years, was chosen in his place. Although little is known about his past, we do know that he worked closely with Rand when the business was just getting started. J.R., a scheming schemer with a deft way with words, engaged in questionable behavior while serving as CEO, including meeting with members of the Illuminati and lying to the Shadow Board. But J.R. lost his position and is detained in Shadow Prison X after it was found that he had stolen money from Cognito Inc.'s pension fund to purchase a volcano island lair.

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