Does Julia Haart Still Have Money After Being Fired From Her Company? What’s Her Net Worth in 2022?

Yes, Julia Haart still has a lot of money in 2022 as she is said to be still earning money from her both seasons 1 and 2 of Netflix’s My Unorthodox Life. Additionally, she also used to own her shoe company which was sold at a very good price.

My Unorthodox Life, a Netflix reality series, follows Julia Haart and those she cares about. Julia had left her life as a member of an Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in order to break free from the restrictions and make a name for herself. She is currently one of the most well-known names in the fashion industry, and she is attempting to make the world a better place. As viewers may be aware, she was previously married to Yosef Hendler but divorced him after leaving the community.

Following the release of the first season on Netflix, viewers immediately had questions about Julia’s new, seemingly (very) wealthy lifestyle. Her rise to fashion mogul status began when she founded her own shoe company. Her can-do attitude landed her a job as the creative director of La Perla before she became the CEO of the massive talent agency/media conglomerate Elite World Group.

Julia was eventually fired from her position at EWG in 2022 following a divorce with Silvio Scaglia, and a judge ruled that her claim to be a co-owner of the company was false. And, with all of the luxury fashion and helicopter rides to the Hamptons with her entire family, it’s natural for fans to wonder about Julia’s current situation. So, does Julia Haart still have money? Let’s find it out!

Julia Haart Still Has Money as She Makes Money From Her Reality Show: However, Her Net Worth Is Yet to Be Revealed!

According to The Guardian, the reality show star Julia Heart (@juliahaart) is still making more money from her Netflix reality series. She has most likely made a good living from her appearance in the first season of the show and recently on Dec 2, 2022, the second season dropped on the streaming platform.

The Netflix reality series about her life first premiered in 2021 and recently returned for a second season on December 2, 2022. While Haart’s exact earnings have not been disclosed, The Guardian reported that lifestyle reality stars typically earn more than competition reality stars (for example, The Bachelor and Bachelorette leads can earn up to $100,000, but contestants on the show are frequently not paid at all; meanwhile, the Kardashians are believed to make $900,000 per episode). While the Haarts aren’t exactly Kardashian-level famous, it’s likely they’re making a good living by allowing their lives to be portrayed on screen.

In addition to her high-powered job, Julia also found time to write her memoir, Brazen: My Unorthodox Journey from Long Sleeves to Lingerie. Her double life and journey from a world are described in her memoir which was released in March 2022. The book is available for $27, but the exact earnings from sales to date have not been disclosed.

Julia started her career by creating her own shoe brand from the ground up. Haart’s eponymous shoe line, which was sold for an undisclosed, but likely large, sum, was the company that first put her on the map. Haart’s successful career in fashion and modeling began with the creation and sale of this company.

She later became the Creative Director of the Italian lingerie house La Perla, where she told The Cut that she designed up to 4,000 pieces per season. In January 2022, Haart announced the launch of Body By Julia Haart, a luxury high-tech shapewear company where One-piece leotards start at $198, while shapewear dresses cost $228. Later at the time of launch, Haart told Daily Mail, 

The +Body by Julia Haart line defies the outdated, oppressive concept of modesty – it’s shapewear that’s meant to be seen, for bodies that are meant to be celebrated. Since I left the ultra-Orthodox community, my mission to liberate women has been at the heart of every business move I’ve made and every product I’ve brought to market.

Meanwhile, Haart previously co-owned major talent agency Elite World Group with her now ex-husband Silvio Scaglia, but she was fired in 2022 after a judge ruled that she had falsely claimed to be a co-owner of the company. Nonetheless, her contributions to the company helped raise its valuation from $90 million to $1 billion in two years. According to reports, she earned nearly $2 million per year as the company’s CEO.

So, how much money is Julia really worth, considering her book, her old job, and her penthouse in New York, which has a specially-made closet decorated in the style of Clueless? Her net worth is yet to be disclosed. According to Women’s Health Magazine, Haart’s business ventures have earned her a net worth of more than $500 million if her claim of co-ownership is believed. It’s unclear how her firing from Elite and subsequent lawsuits will affect that number, but with her newfound reality stardom, Haart will almost certainly find another way to pivot if necessary.

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