Here Is Why Julia Haart Intentionally Became Anorexic: The Eating Disorder Led Her to Lose 73 Pounds of Weight!

Julia Haart became anorexic because of the conflict she had with her family. Sources report that she lost more than 73 pounds of weight because of her eating disorder. Comparing her before and after pictures, Julia Haart from My Unorthodox Life looked almost unrecognizable at that time. However, she seems to be healthy following a divorce from her husband in 2022.

My Unorthodox Life, a reality television series on Netflix, shines a light on Julia Haart‘s life. The world knows her as the CEO of Elite World Group, but her path to the top has been unusual. She was raised in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community with no formal training in fashion design. She did, however, teach herself everything she knows about the fashion industry and honed her skills, which speak for themselves. It also follows her four children, who have very different perspectives on life.

A lot has changed in the Haart family since the show debuted on the streaming platform last year. Fast forward to February 2022, just as filming for the second season began, and Haart has fired abruptly amid messy – and still ongoing – divorce proceedings from her husband and informed that she did not control half the company.

Since her acrimonious divorce from her husband, the American fashion designer has been in the news a lot. She attempted to obtain a protective order in February of this year, shortly after her divorce from Italian billionaire Silvio Scaglia.

Haart claims her husband left her sobbing in their Tribeca apartment. She also claims that her husband was disrespectful to their children. The Supreme Court of New York, on the other hand, dismissed Haart’s case. As a result, many fans have been speculating if this is the reason she is anorexic (eating disorder). Let’s find it out together!

Julia Haart Became Anorexic Because of Her Ongoing Conflict With Her Family: She Reportedly Lost 73 Pounds During That Period of Time!

Julia Haart (@juliahaart) consciously adopted the Anorexic (eating disorder) a few years ago. Because of her ongoing conflict with her family, she considered starving herself to death. Furthermore, she believed that this type of death was not as stigmatized as suicide.

Compared to her before and after photos, Haart lost 73 pounds of weight with her own decision which later caused an eating disorder. She was exhausted both mentally and physically. Her children persuaded her at the last minute, and she made it out alive. At this point, the former reality star has returned to normalcy.

Anorexia nervosa, also known as anorexia, is an eating disorder characterized by abnormally low body weight, a strong fear of gaining weight, and a distorted perception of weight. Anorexics place a high value on controlling their weight and shape, putting in extreme efforts that significantly disrupt their lives.

The designer has been open about her struggles with her eating disorder and her health issues. In an interview with Elle magazine, she stated,

Honestly, had it not been for my kids, I think the way I would have quit my community would have been to murder myself. It was the year before I left. I recorded in my diary nearly every day, How can I injure my children the least? So I made up my mind that if I starved to death, no one would ever find out. To me, the stigma of being labeled as suicidal is not as severe as that of being labeled as having an eating issue.

Meanwhile, Julia Haart is one of Hollywood’s healthiest stars now. She is free of any illnesses. However, throughout her difficult moments, Haart tried to harm her health by developing an eating disorder. As evidenced by her desire to commit herself, the fashion designer had poor mental health.

In her Netflix reality series My Unorthodox Life, Haart also talks about the difficulties she faced in the Jewish community which lead her to horrific health issues. According to Haart, most of the attacks came from people who have never literally seen the entire show. Additionally, the fashion designer described the Jewish group as fundamentalist and unorthodox.

Julia Haart’s Professional Career!

Julia Haart was liked by students and recognized for her caustic approach while teaching Judaic Studies at Yeshiva Atlanta under the alias Talia Hendler in the 1990s and early 2000s, according to former employees. For a long time, Haart marketed life insurance undercover.

Haart left the Haredi community in 2013 when she founded the shoe company Julia Haart with the goal of creating stylish and functional footwear. Later, she worked with a ski boot designer and a German company that produces a gel used by NASA to create a wearable heeled shoe. Haart also collaborated with La Perla on the 2016 Spring and Fall Accessory Collections.

Haart’s most well-known work is the Kendall Jenner Met Gala gown she designed in 2017. 85,000 crystals were sewn onto a thin thread to create the dress. In March 2019, Elite World Group, a talent media conglomerate, named her CEO. Later, Paolo Barbieri took over as Group CEO after she was fired in February 2022.

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