Julia Haart’s Court Case: What’s the Latest News Now? Uncover the Untold Truth on Netflix!

Julia Haart has faced legal court cases this year following a divorce from her ex-husband, Silvio Scaglia. Silvio filed a lawsuit against Haart, alleging that she had fraudulently taken $850,000 out of a Freedom Holdings account. The star of Netflix’s My Unorthodox Life sued Scaglia in July for $257 million, making news that he had defrauded her of millions from their business after she had filed for divorce. However, Julia Haart was unable to persuade the court that her estranged spouse had abused her. Although she claimed to own 50% of their companies, now the case reveals that she no longer does.

In the Netflix original series My Unorthodox Life, fashion mogul and former ultra-Orthodox Jew Julia Haart and her family attempt to strike a balance between their past, present, and aspirations for the future. Information on Julia’s motivations for leaving small-town life, how it damaged her relationships with her family, and how she turned her life into a feminist fairytale are all covered in the series.

Julia Haart was already happily married to Silvio Scaglia when we last saw her in Season 1, and the two of them had teamed up to purchase Elite World Group, a prestigious modeling, and talent agency. She was enjoying her success as the CEO even as she dealt with the various issues that her four children faced as they transitioned from living in a safe Orthodox community in upstate New York to either being modern Orthodox.

Everything seems to be broken now that Season 2 is available on the streaming service. Everything appeared to be going swimmingly for Julia towards the conclusion of season one. However, in season 2, she is abruptly seen going through a contentious divorce from her husband, Silvio Scaglia, and losing her position as CEO of modeling firm Elite World Group.

Since the beginning of 2022, Julia and Silvio have been engaged in a legal court case, and the situation is currently quite tense. And a lot has happened since the shoot ended months ago. Let’s take a look at the legal battles between her and her ex-husband Silvio Scaglia.

Julia Haart Court Case: Learn More About the Current News Regarding Her Lawsuit!

There has been a lot of tension between Julia Haart (@juliahaart) and Silvio Scaglia (@silvio_scaglia) because they were involved in a legal court case. And since the shooting of the show My Unorthodox Life concluded months ago, a lot has happened.

The second season of My Unorthodox Life has more than delivered on that promise. It’s intriguing to see this debate develop as a fan, especially considering how unwilling other reality series have been to provide a window into the public disputes involving their stars.

In the first episode of season 2, viewers witness Silvio calmly packing his bags and saying farewell to Julia’s children. However, things swiftly spiral out of control. Julia Haart learned that her long-held position as CEO of Elite World Group had been terminated in January 2022. She was fired from her position in February, just hours before she filed for divorce from Silvio Scaglia, with whom she co-owned EWG. The news came with a juicy asterisk: it was rumored that Netflix cameras were rolling when she was fired.

Julia Haart’s inspirational journey from an exclusive, ultra-Orthodox Jewish community to the fashion industry was the main focus of the first season, but Season 2 finds her in a precarious situation. But in the premiere, Haart and Scaglia were seen committing to keep their professional relationship by retaining their respective leadership roles in the company.

But, Scaglia filed a lawsuit against Haart, alleging that she had fraudulently taken $850,000 out of a Freedom Holding account. A Delaware court ruled in Scaglia’s favor in May, making news and finding that now, Haart did not have the right to own 50% of their companies.

She most certainly wasn’t going down without a fight in the case. Julia asserted in a complaint that Silvio made her the CEO and co-owner of EWG following their 2019 nuptials. She filed a second lawsuit against Silvio for more than $257 million when the judge rejected her co-ownership claim. Silvio allegedly defrauded her out of millions from their business when she filed for divorce.

According to People, Julia claimed in the lawsuit that Silvio engaged in egregious, aggressive, and unlawful conduct by denying her access to the EWG office, canceling her business cards, cutting off phone service at their house, and dismissing her staff. He had allegedly become increasingly aggressive, abusive, and unbalanced towards her and her kids, according to her. However, Julia Haart was unable to persuade the court that her estranged spouse had abused her. She even said,

I genuinely have a ton of documents. I’m referring to bank loans, tax reports, bank information, and PPP loan applications. I have mortgage loans, investment papers, and immigration documents, all of which state 50-50 after another document.

Julia continued,

So either he’s telling the truth now and all those documents he sent to all those government agencies were lies, or he was telling the truth at the time and he’s lying now by claiming she doesn’t have 50%. 

She went on:

All I can say is that thus far, I’ve succeeded. I’ll keep fighting until I win, and hopefully, all this pain has a reason. I’m hoping that as I grow stronger and more self-reliant, I’ll understand that I don’t need males. The realization of that would be nice. I need to get there because I’m not there yet.

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