Does Lindsay Lohan Have a Twin? Does the Falling for Christmas Star Have a Sister in Real Life?

Nov 14, 2022 @ 10:26 GMT-0500
Does Lindsay Lohan Have a Twin? Does the Falling for Christmas Star Have a Sister in Real Life?

The leading cast of Falling for Christmas, Lindsay Lohan, does not have a twin sister in real life. CGI and her body double (Erin Mackey) were used to cast her as a twin in The Parent Trap.

Falling for Christmas is a Netflix holiday season rom-com film about two young star-crossed lovers. In the series, Sierra Belmont is the spoiled daughter of a wealthy father who owns the Belmont Resort, and Jake Russell owns the North Star, a small lodge.

Sierra is involved in an accident shortly after getting engaged to a social media influencer, Tad, atop a snow-capped hill. Jakes locates her and transports her to the hospital, where the doctor diagnoses amnesia in the young woman.

Sierra's rescuer suggests she spend some time at the North Star Lodge until help arrives. Sierra, unable to recall anything, reluctantly agrees, which changes her life. The movie, directed by Janeen Damian, reintroduces the traditional holiday genre with romance, comedy, and a subtle touch of magic and miracle, along with Lindsay Lohan as Sierra and Chord Overstreet as Jake.

Similarly, Lindsay Lohan, an American actress, and singer got her start in The Parent Trap, a remake of a 1961 film in which she played a pair of twins who meet for the first time at summer camp. Then the two decide to switch places so that they can each meet the parent they never had and eventually devise a plan to bring their parents back together which fascinated my viewers at the time. As a result, many people have been curious to know if she really has a twin sister in real life.

Falling for Christmas Actress, Lindsay Lohan, Doesn’t Have a Twin Sister in Real Life: CGI and a Body Double Were Used to Cast Her as a Twin in ‘The Parent Trap’!

Netflix's Falling for Christmas cast Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) was the cutest 12-year-old ever in The Parent Trap before becoming Cady Heron in Mean Girls. She portrayed identical twins who are raised by one of their biological parents after being separated at birth.

However, Lindsay doesn't have a twin sister in real life, so some major CGI magic was used. She also required a body double! When you don't see her entire face, the girl had to look like a mini LiLo so that the audience thinks it's her twin.

During the production of the series Erin Mackey (@erinmackeynash) took on the responsibilities of Lindsay Lohan's twin sister, and, like Lohan, this was her first acting role (per Broadway). Since then, she has appeared in popular television shows such as Blue Bloods and Gossip Girl, as well as films such as The Intern, according to IMDb.

Furthermore, Mackey is best known for her time on Broadway. She's played pivotal roles such as Glinda in Wicked, as well as roles in Annie and Amazing Grace.

While she may not be as well-known as Lohan, Mackey has carved out a very respectable career on stage and screen. It's fascinating to think that both actors began their careers at the same time, in the same film, but took such different paths. But that appears to be the way things work in show business.

Many people remember Nancy Meyers' remake of the series from their childhood. The film's influence can be felt long after its initial release in 1998, with everything from filming locations to TikTok scene recreations piquing fans' interest to this day.

Despite the movie's continued presence in the realm of nostalgic pop culture, one fan has a burning question: who is Lindsay Lohan's favorite Parent Trap twin? In the seminal film, Lohan famously played the identical Parker twins — California cool kid Hallie and preppy Londoner Annie. In an interview with Vogue, the actor finally revealed which of the Parker twins she prefers.

Lohan recalled her time on the set of the '90s comedy, saying "she wanted to be more like Annie at the time. She was more preppy and reserved, with a classier edge to her that I really liked. Hallie was too American for me because I was so accustomed to it, but Annie was my favorite."

Lohan's Parent Trap revelation came during Vogue's April 2022 Life in Looks segment, in which she reflected on some of her fashion highlights from the past. "As a young girl, I was always really into fashion," Lohan added, admiring the Nicole Miller gown she wore to the premiere of The Parent Trap in 1998.

Fans reacted quickly to Lohan's Parent Trap preference, with many supporting the Mean Girls star. "She is correct. Annie was the better twin," one Twitter user said.

Others, on the other hand, were firmly on Hallie's side. "I absolutely adored and envied Hallie, and maybe that's because I, too, wanted to live on a vineyard in Napa Valley, California, with my single father and a longtime housekeeper named Chessy," another Twitter user joked.

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