Is Dricus du Plessis Gay? Married? Sexuality Details!

After Dricus Du Plessis’s kissing video with his coach went viral, fans are calling him gay. He has never addressed the rumors, and since then, nothing suspicious has been found regarding his sexuality. Also, he isn’t married yet.

Dricus Du Plessis is a South African mixed martial arts professional fighter. He presently fights for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in the middleweight class. He held the titles of middleweight and welterweight champion while competing in the Extreme Fighting Championship’s (EFC) middleweight division before joining the UFC. Additionally, he competed in the Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki (KSW) promotion in Poland, where he won the Welterweight Championship. Since launching his professional career in 2013, he has been a highly regarded boxer.

Recently, there has been a discussion regarding Dricus Du Plessis’ sexuality, and many have claimed him to be gay. And this is not the first time the rumors began. So what’s with the rumors? Are they even true? Is he really gay?

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Speculations About Dricus Du Plessis’ Sexuality Calling Him Gay!

Dricus Du Plessis (@Dricusduplessis) is a professional fighter and an outspoken person, but he has never come out as gay. It is still a question regarding his sexuality, as he has never accepted or denied the rumors of people calling him gay. And it doesn’t look like he is soon going to address these claims. It’s not a surprise that Plessis is being called gay, as it has been a normal trend in Hollywood to be rumored regarding their sexuality, and he is not new to it.

The rumors about Dricus Du Plessis being gay started after a clip of him and his coach went viral. In a widely shared video, Dricus du Plessis is seen rising from his stool just before round two of his UFC 290 bout with Robert Whittaker starts. After giving Plessis a quick pat on the chest, the fighter’s coach grabbed his behind as he stood up.

Dricus Du Plessis and his coach were seen kissing. celebsindepth.comDricus Du Plessis and his coach were seen kissing.
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The coach also seemed to give Du Plessis a kiss on the lips. Cameron Saaiman‘s coach also gave him a kiss on the lips prior to their battle.  The combatants’ and their coach’s affectionate gestures caused rumors regarding their relationship and called him gay, and one of the fans tweeted pictures and a video of the events. UFC middleweight Sean Strickland responded to the video showing Dricus Du Plessis and Saaiman interacting with their coach by mentioning the fan’s post. This created a discussion on the internet.

Since then, his sexuality has been questioned. However, right now, there are no proofs that he has ever dated any male or has never been linked with any male, other than with his coach. Going through his Instagram, we could find nothing suspicious regarding his sexuality. So we cannot jump directly to any conclusion regarding Dricus Du Plessis being gay or not.

Dricus Du Plessis Is Not Married Yet!

Dricus Du Plessis has not just been speculated upon regarding his sexuality; fans also think he is a married man. And we, at the moment, are also really unaware of how and why the rumors started. However, the fact that people are calling him gay is yet to be addressed, but regarding his marriage, Dricus Du Plessis is not married and doesn’t have a wife. Also, talking about his girlfriend in 2023, he doesn’t seem to have one.

A Detail About Dricus Du Plessis’ Recent Post on Instagram!

Recently, Dricus Du Plessis shared a post on Instagram saying he won’t beg for his title shot against Sean Strickland. He knows the UFC is a business and that decisions are made by others, even though he believes he should be the champion. At UFC 290 in July, he (20-2 MMA, 6-0 UFC) defeated Robert Whittaker to maintain his undefeated record in the octagon. He immediately squared up in the cage against Israel Adesanya, the middleweight champion at the time.

Dricus Du Plessis won’t beg for his title shot. celebsindepth.comDricus Du Plessis won’t beg for his title shot.
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However, a fractured foot kept him from making a fast recovery two months later at UFC 293; Sean Strickland was given the championship chance instead. After deposing Adesanya to win the title, Strickland seems unlikely to face Du Plessis again. Before Kamaru Usman unexpectedly took over for Khamzat Chimaev at UFC 294, Dana White referred to the match as a top contender match.

After Chimaev’s victory, White reaffirmed that he would be the next. Usman’s defeat by Chimaev did not impress Du Plessis. Chimaev (13-0 MMA, 7-0 UFC) started the fight with a solid 10-8 round, but according to Dricus Du Plessis, he lost his aura of invincibility and isn’t The Boogeyman.

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