Elizabeth Debicki’s Husband (Boyfriend): Is She Still With Kristian Rasmussen?

Elizabeth Debicki has neither a boyfriend nor a husband as of 2023. She was dating her boyfriend, Kristian Rasmussen, but they no longer seem to be together. She has kept her dating life and that of her future spouse quite secret.

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One of the cast Elizabeth Debicki is back for volume 3. She replaced Emma Corrin as Princess Diana in season five of The Crown, portraying a more relatable member of the real-life aristocracy in the meantime. Other characteristics are also present. She physically portrayed Diana in the public’s perception, and she held Ayesha with a strong, decisive attitude. Ayesha is dressed in gold-plated clothing that would have been in the late Princess of Wales’ wardrobe in the mid-1990s.

In the third installment of the Guardians of the Galaxy series, Elizabeth Debicki, who last played the Sovereign High Priestess Ayesha in the second film, makes a comeback. With her recent comeback, she has grabbed all the attention regarding her personal life. And now, fans wonder about her boyfriend and husband.

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Elizabeth Debicki neither Has a Husband nor Boyfriend; Previously, She Was Dating Kristian Rasmussen, but They Seem to Be No Longer Together!

Elizabeth Debicki (@elizabethdebicki) doesn’t seem to have a boyfriend and is also a single woman without a husband. Elizabeth, a shining actress in The Crown, is renowned for being secretive about her love life. The actress, however, was not a long-term bachelor. In reality, she was dating the person in the photos she had taken.

Elizabeth Debicki doesn't have a husband as of 2023.Elizabeth Debicki doesn’t have a husband as of 2023.
Source: Instagram

Elizabeth Debicki was in a relationship with her boyfriend Kristian Rasmussen. She is well-known for keeping her love life a secret long before her boyfriend Kristian Rasmussen entered the scene. When asked about her situation in October 2016, she responded,

Have I got a boyfriend-slash-girlfriend? You’re being liberal there. I’d prefer not to speak. I keep to myself.

Elizabeth Debicki is not just reserved but also always on the road due to her job, which makes dating difficult. “You move around a lot as an actor. You never give in, she remarked. And when you believe you are changing constantly, that can be taxing on your sense of self.

Elizabeth Debicki flaunted the new man in her life. At the launch of the fifth season of the popular series, the actress who plays the late Diana, Princess of Wales, in the Netflix series The Crown, attracted attention when she stepped out with her boyfriend, Kristian Rasmussen. They looked stunning together. The two were spotted entering and exiting the event while wearing fashionable black attire, including a long, sleeveless dress for her and a black suit for him.

Elizabeth Debicki was dating her boyfriend, Kristian Rasmussen, in 2022.Elizabeth Debicki was dating her boyfriend, Kristian Rasmussen, in 2022.
Source: Daily Mail

The new couple arrived at London’s Theatre Royal Drury Lane looking stunning in their chic black attire. They were captured in pictures while riding in a car, and Kristian even waved and grinned for the cameras. She looked stunning as she posed for solo pictures on the red carpet, and they remained close throughout the entire event. She wore a black scarf over her neck to match the outfit she was wearing, and she had her hair pulled up with a few strands flowing down. Kristian appeared as handsome as could be with his hair parted to the side.

However, their relationship status as of 2023 is unknown and they seem to have parted ways. For Elizabeth Debicki, secrecy is essential. In an interview with Vogue Australia, she made it clear that she only wants her acting to be seen by the public. Debicki said,

I’ve always been a private person. I feel like the thing I want out in the world is my work, and I’ve always believed — and it’s how I approach my work — that I and the work are separate.

Elizabeth Debicki has kept her dating life quite secret.Elizabeth Debicki has kept her dating life quite secret.
Source: Instagram

Elizabeth Debicki claimed that while she has respect for those who can increase social media engagement, ultimately it isn’t her. Well, neither she has a husband nor does she seem to be dating anyone.