Meet Emilia Clarke, Matt Ishbia’s Wife: Are They Still Together?

Emilia Clarke, Matt Ishbia’s wife, is a blogger and model. They got married in 2014 and have three kids together. However, they have always kept their relationship out of the spotlight and even don’t have many pictures together.

Over the past few months, NBA team owner Matt Ishbia has grown quite popular. In December 2022, after several complaints were made against Robert Sarver and the way he treated his staff, he bought the Phoenix Suns from Sarver and took over ownership of the franchise.

Nikola Joki, whose odd fight with Matt Ishbia in Game 4 overshadowed the actual game, made peace with the Phoenix Suns owner ahead of Game 5’s Tuesday tip-off. Despite the series moving to Denver, Matt showed up for a courtside seat. He came early to see warmups before the game. When Nikola noticed, he got up to give the ball to Ishbia before leaving for the changing room. The two then hugged each other.

Well, all these fights always come into the player‘s life, and through every step of the way, Mat Ishbia has had his wife, Emilia Clarke (now Emilia Ishbia), stand with him. Those fans who are aware of Matt Ishbia know very well about his family and his wife. But for those who don’t, here are all the details about them and their love life (wife).

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Matt Ishbia and His Wife Emilia Clarke Are Still Together With Their Three Children!

Matt Ishbia (@matishbia) and Emilia Clarke (@emilia_clarke) have been a couple for several years now. His wife has played a significant role in his life. They’ve been dating for a while, and Emilia has supported Mat in both his business endeavors and basketball career. She has been Mat Ishbia’s wife since they wed in 2014. Before deciding to get married and start a family, they had been dating for a while. They have three kids together; two of them were born during in vitro fertilization.

Emilia Clarke and Matt Ishbia have three kids together.Emilia Clarke and Matt Ishbia have three kids together.
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Emilia Clarke, Mat Ishbia’s wife is a blogger and model. Speaking of her early life, she finished her education at Michigan State, has partnered up with high-end brands such as Harper’s Bazaar and Elle in the past, and has become quite popular in the realm of blogging. She played soccer and graduated from Naperville North High School. She earned all-state recognition in 1997 while still in high school after scoring 18 goals and dishing out five assists while also being nominated to the first-team conference and sectional teams.

Emilia Clarke played on the U17 club squad for Wheaton Wings, who won the state championship. She attended Michigan State University after high school, where she earned her degree in 2003. She participated on the soccer team at Michigan State. She shares her opinions with others on a variety of topics, including parenting her three children and working to improve the communities in which she participates.

Matt Ishbia's wife, Emilia Clarke, is a blogger and model.Matt Ishbia’s wife, Emilia Clarke, is a blogger and model.
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Given that Emilia Clarke is a model, she is also a strong supporter of physical health. She claims to be 5’6″, 125 lbs., and in excellent physical shape. Additionally, she has a ton of blog entries on her website that highlight fascinating aspects of her experience. She says that her husband has been a career inspiration for her. On her website, she published;

Mat would have never even tried if he had waited to enter the mortgage industry until he was the top wholesale mortgage bank in America.

Emilia Clarke has a wide range of interests and skills. Due to her huge fame, she has a sizable following on social media. Her outstanding ability and commitment have been the primary contributions to her achievement. Emilia Clarke often updates her blog. She consistently publishes blogs with her content.

Emilia Clarke also publishes pictures of herself modeling on her website. She has served as the face of numerous apparel, jewelry, and other product brands. She has collaborated with numerous publications. Similarly, Emilia is a fashion stylist who has done work for Glamour and Jewelry and Pogo Boutique.

In her parenting piece, Emilia Clarke discusses how she handles one of her kids, whom she refers to as “baby 1,” very differently from how she handles her third child, whom she refers to as “baby 3.” On her blog she said;

I literally could make a list of 20 pages long of the things I do differently with baby number 1 and baby number 3. Being cunning, Baby 1 used his magic to manipulate me and have me under his control. But with baby 3, I just looked at him and let him figure it out.

Emilia Clarke and Matt Ishbia are still together as a happy family.Emilia Clarke and Matt Ishbia are still together as a happy family.
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Emilia Clarke and Matt Ishbia have been a couple for several years now and are still together. However, they have always kept their relationship out of the spotlight and even don’t have many pictures together.