Evil Season 1 on Netflix - WATCH the CBS Drama Now!

Oct 3, 2020 @ 4:02 GMT-0500
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Evil Season 1 on Netflix - WATCH the CBS Drama Now!

Evil Season 1 on CBS was a total bombshell when the first episode aired. In all honesty, the show had no right to be as good and as scary as it ended up being. Evil was unnerving and spine-tingling, and now Netflix subscribers can join in on the dread of the first 13 episodes.

With the start of October, the show was added to Netflix America. Now the American subscribers of the streaming site can enjoy the horror show before Haunting of Bly Manor arrives on the platform.

What is Evil on Netflix About?

According to IMDb, Evil on Netflix follows, "A skeptical female clinical psychologist joins a priest-in-training and a blue-collar contractor as they investigate supposed miracles, demonic possession, and other extraordinary occurrences to see if there's a scientific explanation or if something truly supernatural is at work."

Kristen Bouchard is in financial trouble, and she decides to work for a seminary, helping him decide which demonic possessions are real and which ones are fake. The job pays well, so Kristen goes along with it, but she starts having experiences with demonic possession in her home.

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Then comes Dr. Leland Townsend, who influences people into committing vile acts. The struggle between demons and the ragtag team of Kristen, David, and Ben forms the first season, which is tight, scary, and something you do not want to watch in the night, but you definitely will.

When was Evil Added to Netflix?

According to What's on Netflix, the CBS show started streaming on Netflix starting 1 October 2020. As with every month, Netflix adds a slew of shows and movies on the first day of every month, and this time the CBS show also made the cut.

Is there an Evil Season 2?

Evil season 2 was renewed in October of 2019 by CBS.Evil season 2 was renewed in October of 2019 by CBS.
Source: IMDb

The first season of the CBS show was a moderate success, and there were only 13 episodes in the first season of the show. That is not exactly a good sign for network television to not get a full season of 20+ episodes order, which is why some fans were scared the show would get canceled.

Instead, CBS decided there was enough interest in the show and how it ended to warrant a second season. So, yes, there is an Evil season 2 currently in works. The show was renewed for a sophomore season in October of 2019.

By all accounts Evil season 2 should have been here by now, but COVID happened, and all the productions were shut down. We are expecting the show to return in 2021, as there are some questions to answer from the finale.

But for now, all you have is the first season on Netflix. If you want a repeat viewing (please do, it is even more spinetingling) or want to get into a creepy, and nervewracking show before season 2 comes out, now is the time.

Evil stars Katja Herbers as Kristen Bouchard, Mike Colter as David Acosta, Aasif Mandvi as Ben Shakir, Marti Matulis as George (an incubus), Matulis also plays other characters, Brooklyn Shuck, Skylar Gray, Maddy Crocco, and Dalya Knapp as Lynn, Lyla, Lexi, and Laura Bouchard (Kristen's daughters), and Michael Emerson as Dr. Leland Townsend.

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