Virgin River Season 2 – New Cast Characters, Possible Release Date and Everything We Know So Far

We are all getting extremely impatient with Virgin River season 2. The show was renewed for a second season on 20 December 2019, and still, the producers of the show are coy about the release date for the sophomore season. However, we have some fresh faces, new cast members to talk about, and what it all means for the relationship between Mel and Jack.

Virgin River is a Netflix series adapted from the novel of the same name written by Robyn Carr. The book is part of a 20 book series by the writer with a new one coming this year. The show follows Mel, who is looking for a new start and finds friends, romance, and danger in the small town of Virgin River.

The first season of the Virgin River was the best show of 2019. Netflix and Virgin River won over thousands of fans with the series, and we have all been patiently (some more than others) waiting for Virgin River season 2. Though the release date is still a mystery, there are new cast members and the characters they play to the talk about.

Virgin River Season 2 – Details About the New Cast Members and the Characters They Play

Newcomer Sarah Dugdale plays Lizzie while Grayson Gurnsey's character Ricky is promoted to series regular.Newcomer Sarah Dugdale plays Lizzie while Grayson Gurnsey’s character Ricky is promoted to series regular.
Source: Deadline

The filming for Virgin River season 2 began in 2020, with almost all of the cast returning for the second season. But as with any show, new faces are brought into an established show to explore new storylines, and Virgin River season 2 added a great actress to their regular cast.

Sarah Dugdale Plays Lizzie in Virgin River Season 2

One of the main and highly talked about inclusion for the second season of the beloved season is the character of Lizzie. Sarah Dugdale plays Lizzie, and her character is a new arrival in the town of Virgin River.

Lizzie is beautiful, carefree, impulsive and a bomb, waiting to explode. When she arrives at Virgin River, she brings her baggage with her. Lizzie is shipped off to the small town after a shoplifting incident, and though she acts cool, her parents abandoning her plays a massive role in the decisions she makes in the town of Virgin River.

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Lizzie will influence Ricky, the sweet boy who is living with his grandmother and helps out Jack in the tavern. Ricky is attracted to the dangerous outsider, which causes some internal struggle for the kid.

Grayson Gurnsey Played Ricky – He is Promoted to Series Regular

Ricky appeared in all ten first season episodes of Virgin River season 1. Grayson Gurnsey played Ricky, and he was a supporting cast member in the first season. Well, in the second one, he is getting more screen time and is promoted to regular.

According to Deadline, Grayson’s character Ricky is taken by Lizzie. He is a good kid, but her bad behaviors cause a rift within himself, and we will see some significant changes in the character as he tries to transitions from a timid boy to a confident young man.

Old News But Ben Hollingsworth was also Promoted to Series Regular

Ben Hollingsworth's Brady was promoted to series regular for Virgin River season 2.Ben Hollingsworth’s Brady was promoted to series regular for Virgin River season 2.
Source: Instagram

Ben Hollingsworth played Brady in the beloved show. He was a military buddy of Jack and Preacher. Jack always had a soft spot for Brady, which causes him to look over many of Brady’s problems.

But as we all know, Brady did not turn out to be a great friend for Jack, as evident in the finale. There is so much to explore in Jack and Brady‘s relationship, which is why Ben Hollingsworth was promoted series regular.

New Friends of Jack, Preacher, and Brady are also on Their Way

The last mission Jack, played by Martin Henderson, was on with the military was difficult. He is still haunted by the ghosts of his past, which is one of the reasons why he was willing to overlook Brady‘s misgivings.

But Brady is not the only friend of Jack and Preacher, played by Colin Lawrence, in the military. According to the Virgin River series Instagram page, Tom, Zeke, and Josh will be three new friendly faces making their way to Jack‘s tavern.

Daniel Gillies’s Mark is Not Gone Yet

The pain Mel, played by Alexandra Breckenridge, went through in the first season was heartbreaking. She was trying to open herself to new things, but her past was not letting her go.

It appears Mark will not be gone in the second season of the Virgin River. Mel still loves Mark, played by Daniel Gillies, and there is little she can do to forget the man she was married to and loved so much.

Mark’s Sister, Stacie, Played by Melinda Dahl, is Coming in Season 2

In the first season of Virgin River, we got to see Joey, played by Jenny Cooper, Mel‘s sister. And it seems season 2 will be pealing some layers on Mark‘s family.

According to the same source, Mel will be coming face to face with her sister-in-law Stacie, played by Melinda Dahl. Considering the photo, they decided to release, it seems to be a difficult moment for both the ladies.

Virgin River Season 2 Release Date

Mel and Jack's romance will again take center stage when Virgin River season 2 arrives in 2020.Mel and Jack’s romance will again take center stage when Virgin River season 2 arrives in 2020.
Source: Instagram

When Netflix renewed Virgin River for a second season, they announced that the show would be available in 2020. Nine months later, the shooting is done, and we are still not clear when Netflix intends to release the show.

COVID probably did not help the show’s post-production, but still, we are expecting Virgin River to arrive before December. After eight years, Robyn Carr is releasing a new Virgin River book on 13 October, so maybe around that time, there will be an announcement on the show’s release date.

All of the first season’s main cast is returning for season 2. Virgin River cast includes Alexandra Breckenridge as Mel, Martin Henderson as Jack, Colin Lawrence as Preacher, Jenny Cooper as Joey, Lauren Hammersley as Charmaine, Annette O’Toole as Hope, and Tim Matheson as Doc Mullins.

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