Fabien Frankel’s Wife: Is the House of the Dragon Cast Fabien Frankel Married?

Sep 24, 2022 @ 9:24 GMT-0500
Fabien Frankel’s Wife: Is the House of the Dragon Cast Fabien Frankel Married?

Fabien Frankel maintains a high level of secrecy in his personal life; as a result, he hasn't disclosed if he is married to a wife or whether he is seeing anyone and appears to be single at this time. In the new HBO series House of the Dragon, however, the anglo-Jewish cast Fabien Frankel plays the character of Ser Criston Cole, who has a complicated relationship with Milly Alcock's Princess Rhaenyra.

Fabien Frankel is the charming actor who plays Ser Criston Cole in the HBO series, House of the Dragon. According to the actor to Variety, Frankel's character, who rules the House of Cole, is a solitary man and one who doesn't come from this society, this world of excess, and this world of greed and money.

Frankel was born at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in West London to English actor Mark Frankel and French advertising executive Caroline Besson. His father's family is Jewish, while his paternal grandmother had Jewish ancestry from Iraq and Mumbai, India.

When Fabien Frankel was two years old and his mother was expecting his younger brother Max, he lost his father in a car accident. The mother of the two boys raised them in London, and the family spoke French. She got them into movies by taking them to the movies once a week.

Mark, the actor's father who was born in London, had roles in a number of movies and TV shows before passing away while Frankel was a little child. While his mother was a little less optimistic about Frankel's desire to become an actor, his father encouraged him.

Now he is a very successful actor in the movie industry and he has huge fans following him. The actor is also known for his dashing looks and fans online wonder if he is married. Read this article to know about Fabien Frankel's wife.

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Fabien Frankel Isn’t Married and Doesn’t Have a Wife as of Now; He Likes to Keep His Relationship Private!

Fabien Frankel (@fabienfrankel) keeps his personal life very secret, thus he hasn't revealed whether or not he has a partner. After only a few years in the movie industry, Fabien has already been successful in winning the affection of his followers.

The anglo-Jewish actor has about 171k followers as of this writing on Instagram. Many of his followers want to know if Fabien is currently dating somebody or not. The actor is very secretive about his romantic relationships, therefore he hasn't revealed if he has a partner or not.

Likewise, he hasn't mentioned his potential girlfriend in any of his social media posts. Since there is no evidence that he is currently dating anyone, Fabien Frankel does not appear to be married at this time. Nonetheless, in interviews, Fabien has discussed his on-screen relationships as well as his connections with his co-stars.

Fabien recently disclosed to Entertainment Weekly that he worked on his character's intimate scenes with Milly Alcock's (@millyalcock) character, Rhaenyra Targaryen, for seven months. In the interview he stated:

The big thing for me was about it not feeling like another gratuitous, sweat-glistening-off-their-back s*x scene, 'cause it's just not like that. Anyone who's ever had s*x will tell you s*x ain't that beautiful. It isn't some picturesque, amazing thing. It's awkward, especially when you are young. There's an uncomfortablity that one has to sit in, and there's a discovery and understanding of each other's bodies — not to mention the practical side of the whole thing.

While Fabien Frankel may not be dating, his House of the Dragon character Criston Cole is said to have a complicated love life. Some theories claim that Daemon gave Princess Rhaenyra specific instructions on how to court Cole, a valiant warrior. She was surprised when she walked up to him and he ignored her.

The Princess loses her virginity to her guard, Cole, in the series, though, after Daemon deserts her. As a result, there are many ideas and different stories about the relationship between Rhaenyra and Cole. There is another version of the incident from the first Fire and Ice novel in which Cole went to Rhaenyra's chambers to confess his love for her.

Furthermore, he begged her to go with him to one of the freed cities so they could continue living normal lives while he gave his sword to a certain merchant prince. The Princess, however, rejects this and asserts that if he was capable of forgetting his oaths to the Kingsguard, he was certainly capable of forgetting his vows to her.

The actor, on the other hand, values privacy in real life and doesn't provide personal information to his fans and followers. Although we have witnessed numerous spouses of celebrities harassed by the paparazzi and media in public places, there may be a reason for this. But it is highly likely that he is not married at the moment.

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