Is Matt Smith Gay? House of the Dragon Fans Can’t Help Ask This Question!

Matt Smith, the cast of HBO’s House of the Dragon, has been speculated of being gay as he has previously played the character of a gay man in multiple movies. Similarly, he was also seen kissing a male in the movie. However, his dating history indicates that he has forever been straight. Additionally, rumors have been spread that Matt Smith is currently dating his new rumored girlfriend, Caroline Brady.

Matthew Robert Smith is an English actor who was born on October 28, 1982, in Northampton, Northamptonshire. He is most known for his appearances as the eleventh Doctor in BBC‘s Doctor Who (2010-2013), Daemon Targaryen in HBO‘s House of the Dragon (2022-present), and Prince Philip in Netflix’s The Crown (2016-2017), for which he received a Primetime Emmy Award nomination.

Smith is an atheist and a die-hard Blackburn Rovers fan. He has mentioned Radiohead as an inspiration and described Oasis as the best rock-and-roll band in the world. Likewise, he was also named one of GQ‘s 50 Best-Dressed British Men in 2015.

Smith’s cousin Leigh Killick, a theatre teacher at his school, introduced him to acting by signing him up for theatrical shows without his permission. Following his failure to appear on the first two occasions, Leigh arranged for him to play the tenth juror in a version of Twelve Angry Men.

Smith was cast as the younger version of Ralph Fiennes‘ character in Martin McDonagh‘s black comedic crime In Bruges (2008), but his scenes were deleted from the final edit. Likewise, he also appeared in the 2009 short film Together as well as the 2010 feature film Womb. Similarly, he was rumored to have been cast in Ryan Gosling‘s directorial debut Lost River, which was released in 2014.

Recently, Matt Smith, the Mapplethorpe star, has been questioned about his sexuality because of a previous film sequence in which he played a gay character and kissed a male co-star. As a result, many individuals have speculated if he is straight or gay.

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Matt Smith Reportedly Isn’t Gay as He Has a Long History With Women: Does the House of the Dragon Cast Have a Girlfriend in 2022?

The subject of straight actors portraying gay roles remains divisive in Hollywood. Likewise, Matt Smith, who played the role of gay onscreen as famous photographer Robert Mapplethorpe in the biopic Mapplethorpe, is the latest actor to be involved in similar controversies, after his kissing scene with a male co-star went viral over the internet.

Additionally, Smith’s breakthrough came in a major 2011 BBC film — broadcast theatrically in the US — in which he played famed author and LGBT icon Christopher Isherwood. Isherwood was a well-known homosexual rights activist and the author of the texts that inspired the Kander & Ebb musical Cabaret. Isherwood’s autobiography, Christopher and His Kind was adapted for cinema by screenwriter Kevin Elyot and director Geoffrey Sax.

On Valentine’s Day, the actor was approached by producer Eliza Dushku to discuss the biography, eventually addressing whether the homosexual photographer should have been played by a gay man. According to a source, the 36-year-old actor shared his thoughts on whether LGBTQ+ roles should only be played by LGBTQ+ performers. He stated that an actor’s sexuality should have no impact on the roles that are presented to them. He explained,

I think your sexual orientation, or your sex and your choices outside of work, shouldn’t influence in either way, positive or negative what happens. So, to me, it doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight. That has no bearing on whether you should get the part. Where does it stop? Like, do we then say, do we apply that logic to going, ‘Okay, I’ve got a part, and it’s playing a brother, and he’s addicted to heroin.’ Do we then go to people that have only taken heroin.

However, there is no proof to claim gay speculation. Likely, Matt Smith has made his way into the realm of Game of Thrones. The British actor plays the role of Daemon Targaryen, King Viserys‘s younger brother and supposed heir to the Iron Throne, in the HBO historical series House of the Dragon.

Smith’s previously had a long relationship with actress Lily James. According to HollywoodLife, the couple met on the set of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies before walking the red carpet together at the premiere of Cinderella in 2015. According to Us Weekly, Smith and James began dating in 2014 and parted in 2019, before briefly uniting in 2020. They were taken together multiple times and posed on the red carpet several times. Similarly, he also dated supermodels Mayana Moura and Daisy Lowe before her.

Looking at his dating history with all these women, it’s pretty clear he never was gay. Additionally, he was already in a relationship while he was playing the gay roles which further indicates that he is straight. With this, we get to learn that playing a gay role does not mean the actor is gay in real life as well.

Apart from this, the House of the Dragon cast has also been rumored about his new relationship. Although he has not confirmed who he is dating at this time, the rumor on the street is that Caroline Brady is his new girlfriend. According to Pop Sugar, she is a businesswoman who works as the vice president of fundamental equity impact at a company named BlackRock.

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