Sonoya Mizuno’s Parents: Father & Mother of the House of the Dragon Cast!

Sep 25, 2022 @ 0:15 GMT-0500
Sonoya Mizuno’s Parents: Father & Mother of the House of the Dragon Cast!

Sonoya Mizuno, one of the cast members of HBO's House of the Dragon, was born on July 1, 1986, to her parents, Hajime Mizuno and Saya Mizuno, in Japan. Her father was Japanese, while her mother was British and Argentinean. However, both of them are dead now. When she was only a preteen, her mother passed away. Similarly, her father passed away in 2020. 

Sonoya Mizuno is a British actress, model, and ballet dancer of Japanese and British-Argentinian origin. Mizuno appeared in a few critically acclaimed movies, including La La Land and Beauty and the Beast. Mizuno has always loved performing; she was raised in a family of mixed ethnicity. She started taking ballet lessons when she was nine years old with the goal of becoming an actor. Mizuno eventually obtained her degree from the Royal Ballet School.

She performed for various ballet organizations. She entered the modeling industry at the age of 20. Several well-known brands, like Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, and Louis Vuitton, used Mizuno as their model.

Ex Machina, a gripping psychological drama, was Mizuno's first film.  She made an appearance in the film as a synthetic humanoid. Later, Mizuno had a cameo in the movie High Strung, which focused on dance. Sonoya Mizuno appeared in a lot of dance videos as well. Mizuno portrayed a pivotal role in the love story comedy Crazy Rich Asians. She has also appeared on television. She has a significant part in the psychological suspense television show Maniac. Mizuno will appear in a number of future films and television shows.

In the recently released House of the Dragon on HBO, she plays the role of Mysaria. The character has gained a lot of popularity. Similarly, Mizuno also has gained a lot of fan base. Currently, they want to know about her parents. Well, we've got you covered.

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Sonoya Mizuno Was Born on July 1, 1986, to Her Parents, Hajime Mizuno and Saya Mizuno: Know More About the Father and Mother of the House of the Dragon Cast!

Hajime Mizuno and Saya Mizuno were the parents of actress Sonoya Mizuno. Her very first post ever is a dated image of her parents from the past with the simple remark, 'Handsome Parents.'

She is a Japanese-born British actress, model, and ballet dancer who has starred in filmmaker Alex Garland's movies Ex Machina, Annihilation, and Devs. From a young age, her parents pushed her to join ballet classes. She later earned her degree from the Royal Ballet School, but she decided to transition to modeling after being noticed by an agency.

Before Sonoya Mizuno's father changed careers to become an art director, Mr. and Mrs. Mizuno were both diplomats. Hajime and Charlotte Mizuno, Sonoya's parents, reportedly divorced when she was just 2 years old. After her parents divorced, she and her mother moved to Somerset, England, with her siblings. Charlotte Mizuno passed away prior to 2014. On Facebook, she posted a memory of her mother on 2014's Mother's Day, she wrote:

Mother's Day ... Striving every day to live in your image. You taught me everything. I miss you, mummy.

Later in December, Sonoya Mizuno wrote again in memory of her mother. In the post on her Instagram, she stated how much she misses her and she also stated that she wished her mother could meet her first grandchild. It was a very sad post and her fans online consoled her with kind words.

Saya, Jinya, Miya, Sonoya, and Tomoya, yes today is the day mummy joined the stars and there is nothing I wouldn't do to bring her back. I wish more than ever she was here to meet her first grandchild, darling Amaya, and there will be many more significant times where we all will wish she could be here for.

Sonoya Mizuno's parents are both dead. When she was only a preteen, her mother passed away. In 2020, her father passed away. He was a resident of Japan at the time, so she moved there and briefly stayed there after his death. So now she has lost both her parents and she sometimes shares posts on her social media remembering her parents.

Her posts show that she had huge respect and love for her parents and that she misses them from time to time. Now Sonoya is very successful in the Hollywood movie industry and has written her name as one of the best actress in Hollywood. But she couldn't share her success with her parents.

Additionally, Sonoya Mizuno is playing the part of Mysaria in the House of the Dragon. She is an Essos slave who converted to prostitution in Westeros.
She and Daemon had a particular romantic connection, so much so that at the conclusion of episode 1, he takes her with him as he departs King's Landing.

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