Freya Allan

Before 2018, no one in particular, knew the teen actress Freya Allan, someone who’s played only a handful of characters in movies and TV shows you’ve probably never even heard of, and soon the whole world will wake up and know the actress. One job, one casting, and soon the recently turned 18-year-old actress will become a household name after her casting on The Witcher.

Freya was born on 6 September 2001 to her parents and as of now, she seems to be the only kid of her parents. She was born in Oxfordshire, England and is of Caucasian ethnicity, the future actress was born and raised in the city, and she learned to act while in school.

Freya Allan profile image during and interview.Freya Allan was hired to play the character of Ciri in The Witcher.
Source: IMDb

Early on in her career, it was a lot of theatre work for the actress, and on the stage was where the kid honed her skills, skills she would require to call upon later in her career. The actress is not involved in any kind of relationship rumor, and she is focused on her still budding career.

Getting Cast as Ciri in Netflix Show The Witcher

Freya Allan appearing as Ciri in The Witcher.Freya Allan will appear as Ciri in The Witcher.
Source: io9

The Witcher is one of the highly anticipated series, coming to the small screen this fall, from the biggest streaming company in the world, Netflix. Based on the beloved book series by Andrzej Sapkowski, Ciri is one of the leading characters in the book series and also the subsequent sequel books about the continuation of the story presented in the novels.

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Netflix and The Witcher were put through the wringer when it comes to the production of the series. First, the hiring of Henry Cavill was contentious, then the outrage reached the boiling point when a brown actress, Anya Chalotra, was hired to play the character of Yennefer. There was a leaked casting call which showed the producers were looking to sign a black, Asian or minority ethnic actress for the role; this caused an even large outrage which subsided a little when Freya was hired to play the character.

Freya Allan in a clip from The Witcher.Freya Allan, in a screengrab from the trailer of The Witcher.
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Ciri is the adoptive daughter of Geralt and Yennefer and she is also the last heir to the throne of Cintra. Geralt takes her under his wing and teaches her the way of The Witcher and also teaches her how to use her power, which she possesses inside her, and utilize to the full extent.

Ciri is a great character, and she is also central to the story of The Witcher, which is why Freya will be on the screen a lot when the series comes to the streaming service this fall. Ciri will be the jumping-off point, which will propel the actress to new heights in her career moving forward.

Watch: The trailer for the first season of The Witcher

If the show is successful which it most likely will, there is enough material to make at least five seasons of this series which means, be ready to know Freya and see her on your screens for a long time.

Other Movies, TV Shows and Theatre Credits on Freya’s Name

Freya Allan in one of her movies scene with braids.Freya Allan played in theatre before getting into TV series.
Source: IMDb

When it comes to theatre, the actress appeared in Annie as one of the Orphans. She also appeared in Oliver where she played a member of Fagin’s Gang. Then, she was cast in the stage play David Copperfield where she was cast in the role of Young Agnes Wickfield.

The actress also appeared in Christmas Tree and Rapunzel Ballet, but her career was in the movies and TV shows which she moved on to after her theatre days were over.

Watch: The trailer for the first season of Into The Badlands

2017 was filled with short films with the actress appearing in Bluebird, Christmas tree and Captain Fierce, but better things were waiting for the actress down the line. She was hired in the miniseries War of the World where she appeared in one episode.

The first major role Freya received in her career was in the hit AMC show Into the Badlands, where she portrayed the character of Minerva when she was young and again appeared in one single episode. Then, after all the acting credits, going through theatre, and appearing in TV for a limited time, the actress auditioned for the role of Ciri and out of many prospective candidates, she was the one hired for the job, which is sure to change her life for the better.

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