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Some people are meant to be in the show business, and they dedicate their lives to reaching the goals of one day being in a movie or a TV show. But there are a few who stumble into a chance and make the most of it; Gabriel Darku falls in this category. He probably never imagined himself starring in a Netflix series, but destiny presented a different path for the Geoff Allen actor.

Gabriel Darku was born on 25 March 1995 in Yellowknife, Canada, where he was raised by his parents and also got his education as well as his first employment. The actor also got his start in acting due to a chance appearance on a McDonald’s commercial while working at the local Yellowstone burger franchise.

Gabriel Darku plays the character of Geoff Allen in the Netflix series October Faction.Gabriel Darku plays the character of Geoff Allen in the Netflix series October Faction.
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Gabriel was not looking to be an actor; he only knew about the audition to be in the McDonald’s commercial through a friend who knew he danced and turned him to the casting team. Soon he was selected and was on a flight to Toronto where his one 30 second ad changed his life forever.

McDonald’s Commercial – Where it Started it all for Gabriel Darku

Gabriel Darku was in his mid to late teens when a friend turned him to a McDonald’s commercial casting happening among the employees of the franchise in Canada. He knew a little dance moves and looks were also his strong suit, which resulted in the actor flying to Toronto and filming for 13 hours.

The commercial was the moment he realized he wanted to be an actor. Gabriel moved soon after with a vague hope of becoming an engineer, but the acting was the one thing, which attracted the actor most. Soon he was selected into the Toronto Film School, and 18 months later, he graduated with a degree in TV & Theatre Diploma.

The moment the degree was in his hand, there were opportunities aplenty for Gabriel Darku, and he was playing small roles in TV shows. Most of his career is limited to the small screen, and he is still to make a widely released film. Now, the actor is starring in a career-making role as Goeff Allen in the Netflix sci-fi series October Faction.

Gabriel Darku Plays Geoff Allen in the Netflix Series October Faction

Geoff Allen is the fraternal twin child of Deloris and Fred Allen, played by Tamara Taylor and J. C. MacKenzie, respectively. Geoff moves back to New York with his parents after his grandfather dies, and though the family may look normal, the parents are hiding a secret, which will test their bond and bring about massive changes to their lives.

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Geoff Allen is played by Gabriel Darku, and he is the socially outgoing and easy living kid who can blend in with any crowd. This makes it easier for him to move to a new town and to a new school, but that’s not the case for his sister Viv Allen, played by Aurora Burghart. The secrets of their parents and the supernatural beings coming to get them to make up for the story of the first season of October Faction, which is currently available for streaming worldwide on Netflix.

October Faction is not the First Netflix Series Gabriel Darku is Part of

Gabriel finished his education in Toronto, and after he was done, job offers were coming in left and right. The actor got his first job in the continuation of the acclaimed series Heroes, called Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters. Multiple temporary roles later, the actor was hired to play Trey in the Netflix series ReBoot: The Guardian Code.

The Canadian star was also hired to play the younger version of Shadow in the hit Starz series American Gods. Then Gabriel got the role of Connor in another Netflix series Slasher, followed by an appearance in the YouTube Red series Impulse. After starring in the series for ten episodes, Gabriel Darku got the role of Goeff Allen in the October Faction.

Man Crush Every Day – Gabriel Darku Abs are something to behold

Gabriel Darku is a healthy and ripped human being, those abs look fine.Gabriel Darku is a healthy and ripped human being, those abs look fine.
Source: Gabriel Darku Instagram

When it comes to physical fitness, it seems Gabriel Darku leaves no stone unturned. The man is a committed gym freak and someone who puts a lot of emphasis on keeping themselves fit and healthy. The actor’s Instagram feed is filled with pictures of him without his shirt on and putting some serious workout in the gym.

Don’t let the slender build of the actor fool you into thinking he is skinny. Gabriel Darku is ripped and shredded to the bones, and we understand why there are people searching for the actor’s abs.

So, What About Gabriel Darku’s Girlfriend – Is the Actor in a Relationship? Is Gabriel Darku Gay?

Alyssa Marina and Gabriel Darku are in a relaionship for about seven years now.Alyssa Marina and Gabriel Darku are in a relationship for about seven years now.
Source: Gabriel Darku Instagram

Well, for the people who were hoping the handsome hunk was single, we have some bad news for you. Gabriel Darku is in a relationship with his girlfriend for almost seven years. Gabriel Darku is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend, Alyssa Marina, and he is not shy about sharing pictures of her with his followers. Though Gabriel Darku plays a queer character in October Faction, he is not gay. His character, Geoff Allen, does share a cute relationship with Phillip Mishra, played by Praneet Akilla, in the Netflix series.

Alyssa frequents the actor’s Instagram feed, and he writes beautiful captions to express his love for the beautiful lady. Alyssa and Gabriel are still together, and it seems the couple has something beautiful going on between them, and from the signs of things, this relationship has the potential of going all the way. So, for Gabriel and Alyssa, we hope for the best moving forward.

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