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Praneet Akilla | Phillip Mishra, October Faction, Relationship, Career, Ethnicity, Indian, Canadian, Geoff Allen, Gay

Praneet Akilla

Praneet Akilla was born in the early 90s in Mumbai to his Indian parents and lived in India for a while before moving to Canada.

Gabriel Darku | Geoff Allen, October Faction, Girlfriend, Netflix, Career, Relationship, Abs, Alyssa Marina, Instagram

Gabriel Darku

Some people are meant to be in the show business, and they dedicate their lives to reaching the goals of one day being in a

Aurora Burghart | Viv Allen, October Faction, Career, Relationship, Age, Theatre, Instagram, Netflix

Aurora Burghart

In a short time, we’ve been online; there’s been a lot of young and talented actors and actresses we’ve covered here. Most of them are

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