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In a short time, we’ve been online; there’s been a lot of young and talented actors and actresses we’ve covered here. Most of them are finding fame due to their appearance in a Netflix series, and that is the case for the newest addition to the group, Aurora Burghart. With the recently released October Faction on Netflix, Aurora is letting her actions do the talking and announcing her arrival into the show business.

Aurora Burghart was born in England, where she spent most of her life and also got her education. The actress wanted to be in the show business, and this profession is not something she stumbled into after she was done with her high school education. After Aurora was done with high school, she went to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and graduated with a BA in Acting.

Aurora Burghart star as Viv Allen in the Netflix series October Faction.Aurora Burghart stars as Viv Allen in the Netflix series October Faction.
Source: Aurora Burghart Instagram

The actress’s graduation was in 2018, and soon after she was done with her studies and learned all she could from her instructors and teachers, Aurora moved on to star in movies and TV shows. To this date, Aurora Burghart has appeared in five different short films and TV shows, and with the star-making appearance in October Faction, she is sure to make some headway in Hollywood.

Aurora Burghart Plays Viv Allen in the Netflix Series October Faction

October Faction is based on the comic book of the same name where the Allen family returns to their family home. The parents Fred and Deloris Allen, played by J.C. MacKenzie and Tamara Taylor respectively, seem to be working normal jobs, but underneath their façade, the two Allens are monster hunters and part of a secret organization called Presidio Foundation.

The twin kids of Fred and Deloris have no idea who their parents are beyond their boring lives, and the secret plays a huge part in the science fiction series. Aurora Burghart plays the fraternal twin sister Viv Allen, Viv has a hard time adjusting to the life in her parent’s family town. This is not the case for her brother Geoff Allen, played by Gabriel Darku, who is looking to be in a relationship with Phillip Mishra, played by Praneet Akilla.

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The secret held on to by the parents and monsters with vendetta makes up the story for the first season of October Faction. Aurora’s character Viv will need to come to grips with her parents’ secret and also a destiny waiting for her, which will change everything for her. All the episodes of October Faction are currently available for streaming, worldwide on Netflix.

The Viv Allen Actress Started Her Acting Career in Theatre

Aurora Burghart started her career on the stage.Aurora Burghart started her career on the stage.
Source: Aurora Burghart Instagram

Theatre is not the primary source of entertainment for the viewing audience nowadays. TV barely makes the cut, and every year, the number of people going to the cinema hall is dropping, so a theatre is a rarity in the current climate of the audience’s viewing habit. But, still, there is a huge emphasis placed on an actor’s ability to perform live on stage.

Aurora Burghart has the distinction of someone who started her career on the stage. She appeared in various productions while in school, and really her acting skills were developed reciting lines after lines from memory on stage. Aurora is the actress she is today due to her extensive stay on stage.

During her time in RADA, the actress appeared in 3 Winters, The House of Bernarda Alba, Mrs. Klein, Stuff Happens, and other numerous plays. She also did some voice acting and some radio work during her time in RADA, and everything helped her along to the career she is furthering today.

How did Aurora Burghart get Her Name – What does it all Mean?

Aurora Burghart explained the meaning behind her name and how it came to be.Aurora Burghart explained the meaning behind her name and how it came to be.
Source: Aurora Burghart Instagram

For movie buffs and people who grew up with fairy tale bedtime stories, the name of Aurora is clear. It is the name of Sleeping Beauty, but this was not the inspiration behind Aurora Burghart getting her first name. As the actress explained, her name came about on a bus in South London, and it comes from the Roman Empire.

“Aurora was the Roman goddess of the dawn, daughter of the Roman moon goddess Luna and Sun god Sol,” she explained. The actress was also quick to quip about her first and last name coming from Empires which do not exist anymore. Aurora also said she likes to sleep in, despite being named after early morning.

Aurora Burghart Relationship Status – Does the Actress Have a Boyfriend?

Aurora Burghart is single and focused on her career.Aurora Burghart is single and focused on her career.
Source: Aurora Burghart Instagram

Aurora Burghart only graduated in 2018, and she is playing a 17-year-old on the Netflix series. Despite not knowing the actress’s real age, we can surmise she is in her early 20s, and it’s only been two years since she really started in the show business. And at this point in her life, the actress does not seem to be about her relationship status.

Focusing on establishing herself in the entertainment industry is way more important at this moment in time for Aurora than falling in love. Relationships will come along in due time, but the career window in Hollywood is pretty small, and she seems to be making the most of her opportunities. As of this moment, Aurora Burghart shows no signs of having a boyfriend or anyone special in her life.

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