Ben Lawson Girlfriend 2021 – Relationship History with Artist Maile, Get Details!

Ben Lawson is starring in the Netflix series Firefly Lane as Johnny Ryan. He has made a career of playing supporting but noteworthy roles and that continued with the new Netflix show. And for those wondering about the dating life of the handsome Aussie, we did find one beautiful girlfriend.

Third of five boys born to his parents, Ben Lawson is a 41-year-old actor from Brisbane, Australia. While he did not think of becoming an actor from a young age, he did however have an interest in the business. And like most Aussie actors Ben got his big break in a soap opera called Neighbors where he played Frazer Yeats for over two years.

After a few successful endeavors in Australia, Ben started appearing in Hollywood productions. One of his earliest roles was in No Strings Attached and then in the later years came a slew of Netflix appearances. Before getting into his latest outing as Johnny Ryan, let’s dig into the relationship history of Ben Lawson with his girlfriend Maile.

Ben Lawson Girlfriend – Relationship with an Artist

ben-lawson-girlfriend-2021Ben Lawson dated his girlfriend Maile in 2018. They were together for less than a year.
Image Source: Ben Lawson Instagram

Ben Lawson played a charming character in the Netflix series Firefly Lane. He was a romantic partner for both leading ladies and most ladies watching the show were also charmed by the Aussie accent and Ben’s extremely well-groomed face. Even Ben from the 80s was a great-looking man, with long hair and a beard.

Soon after the show premiered there was interest in the romantic life of the actor. But considering most of the Instagram posts on Ben’s page are of him goofing around and having fun with his family, there was not much reporting on the girlfriend of Ben Lawson.

We dug deep into his social media and through our research found a beautiful lady the actor dated in the past. An artist by the name of Maile first appeared on Ben’s Instagram on 12 January 2018. They were wearing funny and depressing jumpers while sitting on a couch and playing a video game.

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Maile is an LA-based oil painter and illusionist and goes by the name Art Baby 69. She also works with body tattoos and her Instagram page is filled with cool designs and great drawings of herself as well as her friends and clients. She does have a picture of Ben’s friend on her social media page but not of any featuring herself and Ben together.

Ben has numerous pictures of the couple together. The second picture he shared of the duo was during Valentine’s Day in 2018. He captioned the picture, “Thanks for not killing me yet,” and the picture showed Maile with her hands around Ben’s neck.

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From meeting Tommy Wiseau to raising their dogs together to doing makeup together, there are ample proofs to show Ben and Maile were dating. The last picture Ben posted of his then-girlfriend Maile was on 17 May 2018 where he was wishing her a happy birthday.

Since then we have not seen any mention of Maile on Ben’s social media. And neither has Maile spoken about their relationship. It appears both of them have moved on from their relationship. We are certain Maile was Ben Lawson’s girlfriend but it does appear he is single right now.

Ben Lawson Plays Johnny Ryan in the Netflix Series Firefly Lane

Executive produced by Katherine Heigl, Firefly Lane is based on the book of the same name by writer Kristin Hannah. The show was greenlit in August 2019 and filming took place over a period of 5 months with the final shot taking place in December 2019. After a full year of post-production and promotion, Netflix released the show in February 2021.

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Firefly Lane follows the story of two best friends and their lives over a three-decade period. Kate Mularkey and Tully Hart meet as teenagers and into their 40s they still remain best friends, sharing love, pain, heartbreak, and anything life throw at them, together.

Ben Lawson plays Johnny Ryan in the Netflix series Firefly Lane. Johnny is a charismatic reporter tasked with producing a show in the 80. In the present timeline, he is a honed reporter who still produces shows for Tully. Johnny at times is a romantic partner for both Kate and Tully but he ends up marrying and sharing a daughter with Kate.

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Firefly Lane was released on 3 February 2021, only on Netflix. The cast is led by Katherine Heigl as Tully Hart, Sarah Chalke as Kate Mularkey, Ali Skovbye as Young Tully, Roan Curtis as Young Kate, Ben Lawson as Johnny Ryan, Beau Garrett as Cloud, and Yael Yurman as Marah.