Gok Wan’s Eating Disorders Led to His Weight Gain

celebsindepth.com – Some of Gok Wan’s pictures show that he has again gained weight, but that’s not huge. He once was a really overweight person due to an eating disorder, but realizing the importance of health, he shed weight. Although he gained back some pounds, he is now an inspiration to anyone struggling with anorexia, mental health, or body issues.

Gok Wan is a fashion adviser, stylist, and television personality from the United Kingdom. He is well recognized in the United Kingdom for his work as a fashion consultant and stylist on several television shows. He is best known for hosting the famous television show “How to Look Good Naked,” which focuses on empowering women of all shapes and sizes to feel confident and beautiful in their own flesh. He has become a household name in the United Kingdom and is widely regarded as a fashion icon and proponent of body positivity.

Gok Wan experience should be an inspiration to anyone struggling with eating disorders, mental health challenges, or body image issues. He has been open about his weight gain and body issues, and in one of his recent Instagram pictures, he looked overweight, leading viewers to wonder if he still had undergone weight gain in recent years. So let us get into details.

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Gok Wan’s Recent Weight Gain Is Not That Huge

Gok Wan‘s (@therealgokwan) recent Instagram post shows that he has gained weight, but not as much as he had few years ago, when he looked really overweight. He is well-known for his contributions to the British fashion business, is widely considered one of the country’s most skilled and influential fashion leaders, and has gained fans who wonder about him. Recent weight gain speculations have raised concern.

Gok Wan's recent picture doesn't show him that overweight. celebsindepth.comGok Wan’s recent picture doesn’t show him that overweight.
Source: Instgaram

If you are following Gok Wan on social media, you may have noticed that he really is doing well, but in some pictures, he seems to have a puffy face and a little bigger size, leading to weight gain discussion on the internet. Well, we are not sure if he has gained weight in recent year or not, as he has also not opened up about anything.

Gok Wan, the fashion guru, was really an overweight person, but he stunned his fans by tweeting a photo of himself looking substantially slimmer. So he might have gained some pounds back. Or maybe it’s due to the photo angle that he is looking a little different. As you might be well aware, due to the different angles in the photo, posing and clicking will make you look different. So the same might have happened with him, but we have to say that these are just speculations and no official confirmation has been made yet.

Gok Wan Was Once a Really Overweight Person Due to Anorexia

You will definitely not recognize Gok Wan if you see his pictures of him while he had gained massive weight. He was once at his heaviest peak. The TV presenter appeared on the ITV show as an agony uncle and shared a photo of himself as an overweight 21-year-old while answering a caller’s query regarding body image. The caller wanted advice on body confidence, with Gok saying, ‘I’ve thought about this subject a lot since when I was younger, and I’ve spoken about it publicly.

He said that it wasn’t until he was 21 and came to London to attend theatrical school that he noticed how different people looked to him. While this encouraged the presenter to lose weight, Gok went too far the other way and developed anorexia while at university. Realizing the importance of good health and appearance, he decided to undergo weight loss. He startled viewers by saying that he started dieting and shed 11 stones in eight months, revealing the drastic impact of his disease.

Gok Wan had an eating disorder leading to weight gain. celebsindepth.comGok Wan had an eating disorder leading to weight gain.
Source: Instagram

Gok Wan has been open about his battle with anorexia, a serious eating disorder. Despite his admission, others have questioned whether Wan is still suffering from the disorder or has recovered. No, he is in good health now. He posted on social media that he was doing fine. His success is visible not just through his social media posts, but he also addressed his recovery journey in an interview for his current book, Happy to Be Me, which was published last year.

Wan’s experience should be an inspiration to anyone struggling with eating disorders, mental health challenges, or body image issues. The fashion guru’s bravery and transparency have raised awareness of such conditions and helped individuals in pain realize they are not alone. He has made great strides in his recovery and continues to be an inspiration to many. His candor and honesty about his anorexic struggle have helped to dispel stigmas and provide support to those in need. And now, after shedding weight he is doing really well.