Hwang Ji Hoon, AKA Agent H, From Physical 100: Details About His Age, Height, Instagram, and YouTube!

Jan 27, 2023 @ 6:52 GMT-0500
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Hwang Ji Hoon, AKA Agent H, From Physical 100: Details About His Age, Height, Instagram, and YouTube!

Agent H, aka Hwang Ji Hoon, is a cast member competing in Netflix's Physical 100. The South Korean celebrity, was born on January 18, 1987, and is 36 years old as of 2023. Standing at a height of 6 feet tall, Agent H, on Instagram, currently has a staggering 206,000 followers. His page includes images of his time in the military, excerpts from his YouTube videos, and some additional snapshots of his regular life.

Physical: 100 the first Korean survival reality show on Netflix, has begun broadcasting. The reality competition program Physical: 100 was created by Jang Ho-gi. There are nine total episodes, and two new episodes are added to Netflix every Tuesday. The program follows 100 athletes who are diverse in terms of age, gender, and physical characteristics. They engage in severe competition with one another to demonstrate their physical prowess and for the chance to claim the title of possessing the most ideal body. Naturally, the winning contestant also gets the money.

The first two episodes, which debuted on the streaming platform on January 24, attracted a large audience. Physical: 100 is one of the top 10 TV shows on Netflix, which is fantastic for the show. As of January 26, it is currently ranked No. 7, and it doesn't seem to be slipping anytime soon. We implore you to discover it for yourself.

Hwang Ji Hoon aka Agent H is merely one of the 100 competitors vying for the substantial monetary prize, and viewers are undoubtedly interested in learning about his age, height, YouTube channel, and more. Let's get into detail about him.

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Agent H, AKA Hwang Ji Hoon, Is a Cast Member Competing in Netflix’s Physical: 100; Learn About His YouTube, Height, Age, and Instagram!

On Netflix's Physical: 100, Agent H, aka Hwang Ji Hoon (@udtbro0), is a cast member. The 36-year-old South Korean celebrity, who was born on January 18, 1987, first gained notoriety in 2021 with Toy Soldiers: Fake Men 2: The Complete, He stands at a height of 6 feet.

The unscripted survival show got off to an exciting start. In Physical 100 Episode 1, all 100 participants enter a chamber with plaster busts of their torsos. As each contender brought a unique air of surprise, astonishment, and occasionally dread, there was a tangible tension among the audience. One of the first competitors to arrive was Agent H. His real name is Hwang Ji-hun and based on his clothing, it is obvious that he is a Korean soldier. When Agent H initially came, he claimed,

When I saw the production team, I believed they went all out.

Agent H was among the top contenders who endured the longest during the first Physical 100 challenge. The 100 candidates were divided into two groups for the first challenge. Each team had to cling to a metal barricade that was above them. During the first elimination task, the contestant who could hang on the longest would receive a unique benefit. Every contender is alarmed by Agent H's military background and physique.

Before joining Physical 100, Agent H was a name that everyone who enjoys Korean entertainment would be familiar with. He has connections to Jin-young, a former UDT soldier who appeared in Single's Inferno Season 2, and is one of Korea's most well-known celebrity soldiers. When he first appeared in the unscripted survival series, Agent H stated,

Under the Korean Navy's Special Warfare Flotilla, I served as a sniper with the UDT.

The first two episodes of Physical 100 grab viewers, with new episodes airing regularly. Agent H and Seol engage in bloody combat at the close of the second episode, which left viewers hanging. The other competitors concur that the fight will be difficult because both are exceptionally athletic and muscular.

The object of their challenge is to determine who has control of a weighted ball first before the timer expires. The last sequence of the show saw Agent H lunging for the ball in slow motion amid a melee of fighting, muddy water, and hostility.

In addition to being a model and the CEO of Kick the Hurdle Studio (KTHD), a broadcasting and media production company/studio/creator of YouTube Channels, he also performed the role of a sniper. High-ranking sergeant Agent H is a Youtuber as well. His Mission Possible YouTube channel is primarily based on his military background and rising notoriety.

Agent H, on Instagram, currently has a staggering 213k followers. His page includes images of his time in the military, excerpts from his YouTube videos, and some additional snapshots of his regular life. On Instagram, he advertises his well-liked YouTube channel while shooting a silver button out of its packaging. Additionally, he made a guest appearance in the Do You Lightsum episode from 2021. Videos with military, fitness, and entertainment themes may be found on Agent H's Mission Possible YouTube channel.

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