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Federico Russo is a famous star in Italy, especially among teens. The young actor started out acting before he even hit his teen years. Federico appeared in the Italian soap Incantesimo in 2004, and since then, he has been a staple in Italy’s movie and TV industry. From appearing in soap to Disney shows, in the short span of Federico’s career, he has experienced almost everything the show business has to offer, and now he is taking his first steps into Netflix’s original world with Curon.

The young actor was born on 19 October 1997 to his parents in Rome, Italy. Federico was raised alongside his five siblings, which included two brothers and three sisters. The family of eight lived in Rome, where Federico and his siblings attended school, and where he later made his foray into the world of show business.

Federico Russo is a 22 year old Italian actor who started acting at the age of five.Federico Russo is a 22-year-old Italian actor who started acting at the age of five.
Source: Federico Russo Instagram

The first acting credit of Federico Russo was in the soap opera Incantesimo where he played the character of Michele Angio for two years. Federico was five years old when he first started on his career to become an actor. Child actors barely make it when it comes to having a successful career as adults, but Federico was able to make the transition, and now as a 22-year-old, he is only stepping into the prime of his career.

Federico Russo Plays Mauro in the Netflix Series Curon

Curon is the new show from Netflix International, which was shot and produced in Italy. The Italian series is one of many shows and movies from Netflix, which is utilizing regional languages to lure in new customers from all over the world. The model of using local talent and language is doing the trick for Netflix, which is expanding to more and more areas in recent years. Curon is their latest attempt to crack the niche market of Italian movies and TV scenes.

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Federico Russo plays Mauro in the new Netflix series Curon. He is the teenage son of Anna and the brother of Daria. Mauro lived in the city, but when his mother decides to move the family to her hometown, he goes along with his family. In the village of Curon, Anna disappears into thin air, which causes her teenage children to go looking for her in an environment they are unfamiliar with and with the help of people whose main agenda may not be to help them find her.

Federico Russo plays Mauro in the Netflix series Curon.Federico Russo plays Mauro in the Netflix series Curon.
Source: Federico Russo Instagram

Anna is a single mother who is trying her best to raise two teenagers by herself. She moves back to her hometown and takes her kids with her. The tranquil nature of Curon is perfect for raising kids, but there is something amiss about the tranquility, and the peace and quiet of the family are disrupted when Anna goes missing, and her kids are forced to face the truth about the town and their familial past, in their quest to finding where their mother went.

Netflix is releasing the new show on 10 June 2020. Curon cast includes Valeria Bilello as Anna, Federico Russo as Mauro, Margherita Morchio as Daria, Anna Ferzetti as Klara, Luca Lionello as Thomas, Max Malatesta as Ober, Alessandro Tedeschi as Albert, and Maximilian Dirr as Don Luigi.

Federico Russo Found Fame with I Cesaroni and Disney Series Alex & Co.

By 2006, Federico Russo had two TV movies and one soap opera under his belt, and the actor wasn’t even in double digits when it comes to his age. In 2006 he was done with the soap opera, and the young actor got the role of Mimmo Cesaroni in the hit comedy series I Cesaroni.

The show ran from 2006 to 2014, and Federico appeared in all 142 episodes of the beloved family comedy show. I Cesaroni is about an extended family where a widower father and divorced mother come together to raise their five kids. The show was a massive hit and ran for six seasons; this also allowed young Federico to instill himself into the minds of Italian TV viewers.

But the comedy show was not the only reason for the fame of the actor. Federico was beloved in Italy for his performance in the Disney channel show Alex & Co. He played Sam Costa, one of the friends of Alex, and the show was a massive success, allowing Federico to gather even more young fan following.

With Age Came His Own Way of Viewing Fame and His Career


There is a simplistic way we view fame and what it means to be a celebrity. It seems so simple, poses for pictures, say some lines on camera, goes to events and say all the right things manufactured by the personal PR manager. But there is a lot more which goes on behind the scene than just the superficial life we as the general public are privy to.

Federico also explained how his view of fame and career as an actor has changed over the years. He said being a young actor before he was in his mid-teens, his definition of fame was similar to the simplistic version. But as he got older, the idea changed, it was not about being social or ready for the camera, his job as a “true” actor was to elicit emotion out of viewers and be committed to his role. The idea of commitment and no compromise drives the young actor.

Federico Russo is Popular Among Teens, But He Rarely Uses Social Media

Federico Russo found fame with Disney series Alex & Co., he has a strong teen following.Federico Russo found fame with Disney series Alex & Co., he has a strong teen following.
Source: Federico Russo Instagram

Throughout the 2010s, Federico Russo was involved in two different shows which were beloved among teens. This allowed the young actor to find a home among young teens in Italy. Federico is a teen icon, and the followers on his Instagram page show the young actor’s popularity. But the thing is, Federico is barely active on social media platforms like Instagram.

He has close to 900,000 followers on his Instagram, but the post count is only 10, with one being a promotion for his new show Curon. In a recent post, the actor said that he was not particularly social, and being the showy actor does not appear to be on the agenda for the talented Italian.

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