The Untold Story of Avani Gregg

When you think of the Hype House, Avani Gregg isn’t usually the first one who comes to anyone’s mind, but she does have an impressive presence in the TikTok world. And despite being part of the dance troupe kind of group, she isn’t a dancer herself but rather indulges in the makeup and beauty industry.

With over 800,000 subscribers on YouTube, over 10 million followers on Instagram and over 21 million on TikTok (not to mention 1.3 billion likes), she has a different approach to making content on her social media fame than her Hype House counterparts. But she’s also one of those who doesn’t really like the very thing that made her famous. And no that’s not the collaborative house.

Avani Gregg’s Half-Indian and Has an Aspiring Model for a Sister

Born on November 23, 2002, (same month and day as Miley Cyrus, by the way) Avani Gregg was raised by an African-American father and an Indian mother in the Midwest of Indiana and has two sisters. One of them, older sister Shanti Gregg has a decent social media presence of her own with over 94,000 followers on Instagram herself. Meanwhile, her younger sister, Priya Gregg, is relatively unknown.

Avani Gregg with her mother and two sisters.It’s a tight-knit family.
Photo Source: Shanti Gregg, Instagram

Avani has shared that all of her family members use TikTok on their own, but only in order to support her and one another. And she joined the Hype House in late 2019, at the time of its inception.

She Gave Up Gymnastics After Breaking Her Back

It is worth-mentioning that Avani Gregg used to be a gymnast, and it is not a rare fact of her life. She’s been training as a competitive gymnast since the age of 4, which she had to give up when she injured her back. She was a level 9 gymnast while training for level 10 when the injury happened.

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She revealed her past during a video in July 2019 titled, ‘i answer your questions a ha ha.’ She also discussed the event of her life during an interview with Entertainment Weekly, saying she continued training for level 10 despite suggestions to give up the sport, and that “really, really injured it”.

The Hoodie Lover Went Viral for Her “Clown Check” Video But Doesn’t Really Like Her Nickname ‘Clown Girl’

As is obvious, Avani has a sort of a different personality when it comes to living and was not looking for fame in the first place. She was on social media since 14 just for the fun of it. She was on before joining TikTok and had already garnered a considerable following.

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But it was in TikTok that she first went viral, in which she transformed from a normal girl into the creepy Harley Quinn-esqe character. It soon gained over 3 million views and got her the nickname of the Clown Girl. But she is not a big fan of that name now and says, it’s “not really a good thing to be known for”.

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Avani does acknowledge it for getting the fame she has though, despite not being too keen on it. She just loves fun, “I like to post on social media. I find that really fun. I also like to do my make up. I also like talking to people.” Moving on from clown and cosplays, she’s expanded to skits & makeup like the likes of James Charles, who’s also featured in a lot of posts from the Hype House members.

She’s Got Her Eyes Set on Her Own Makeup Line with Billie Eilish on Her Radar

It’s clear Avani Gregg doesn’t intend to settle on TikTok fame only. And even if the fame isn’t so much of an interest for her, she may be using this platform to fulfill her bigger plans for the future. She hopes, one day, to establish her own makeup brand and release her own makeup & fashion lines.

And even if she doesn’t get to do that, she still intends to give Billie Eilish a makeover, once she notices her. For now, she has her branded merchandise to promote via social media. And her love for hoodies is not unnoticeable as she even gave away her address to her fans to send her hoodies to wear.

Avani Gregg in a colorful face makeup with cosmos elements.Yeah, Billie may like these styles.
Photo Source: Avani Gregg Instagram

Also, did anyone tell you she plays a role in the Brat TV web-series Chicken Girls with Maddison Lewis? Lewis is BFFs with Nessa Barrett. Gregg also recently won a Shorty Award in the social media community.

Avani Is Dating Her ‘Sway House LA’ Boyfriend Anthony Reeves

Relationships in the collaborative house community have been somewhat a controversial topic to pick on with so many of them denying their closeness despite looking like a couple and many of them with a flaky relationship story. Yeah. Addison Rae Easterling & Bryce Hall and Charli D’Amelio & Chase Hudson well-versed are examples in the respective sides. And many of them breaking up so soon after making it official.

For Avani Gregg, there swings a confusion as to when she started dating Sway House member Anthony Reeves. While Famous Birthdays notes they started a relationship in March 2020, the links started when Hype House was in its infancy.

Avani Gregg on her Boyfriend Anthony Reeves' lap.Their Valentine’s Day post also continued sparking the rumors.
Photo Source: Anthony Reeves Instagram

First rumors came in November 2019 when she posted a photo together from the Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival. Some believe they confirmed they were dating in December 2019, but according to an April 2020 one-month anniversary post on Instagram, Reeves did propose her in March 2020.

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Additionally, she collaborated with Payton Moormeier at VidCon 2019, but they’d remained just good friends. And she’s been closer to Charli than any other in the Hype House.

Her TikTok Account Was Accidentally Deleted in Late April 2020

Back when TikTok was cleansing itself after the Federal Trade Commission controversy in February, they were deleting accounts of users under 13. And by late April, it caught up to Avani, strangely obviously (not sure they are connected). Her account of over 17 million followers was deleted, and she didn’t know why.

After working with TikTok on the issue, her reps got her account reinstated. Meanwhile, she used her secondary account, @lilpapiclowngirl, during the period to profess her frustration.

Avani Gregg with her Hype House bestie, Charli D'Amelio.They’re practically BFFs.
Photo Source: Avani Gregg Instagram

And as is obvious, she says she does deal with a lot of hate and doesn’t really let them get to her. And she is adamant that she finds it fun to poke on the hate she gets, replying funnily to a lot of them. She initially intended to ignore them but just couldn’t.

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