Who Is Christopher Russell Married To? Tailor James or Cindy Busby? Wedding & Wife Photos

celebsindepth.com – Christopher Russell is married to his long-term girlfriend (now wife), Tailor James. They have not shared their wedding photos, but they reportedly married in 2005. However, she is often linked to her on-screen love interest, Cindy Busby.

Christopher Russell is a Hallmark actor who is known for Land of the Dead, Day of the Dead, and Star Trek: Discovery. Recently, he has been in the news after his upcoming movie premiered on Friday, December 15, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on the Hallmark Channel.

Russell’s latest Christmas movie, The Secret Gift of Christmas, has a 6.3 rating on IMBD. This movie stars Christopher, Meghan Ory, and Aria. He wants audiences to feel connected to family and to have a pleasant, fuzzy sensation after seeing this film. He has also stated that he wants children to experience the pleasure of Christmas, to be joyful and at peace, and to have hope that there is some good in the world.

After watching the movie, people are curious to know about Christopher’s love life. In this article we will be talking about his personal life, love life and who is he married to. Let’s get started.

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Christopher Russell Is Married to His Wife, Tailor James!

Christopher Russell (@chrisrussellofficial) is happily married to former Playboy Playmate model Tailor James. He has not shared his wedding photos till now, but people love their chemistry. He was also linked with his co-stars, Cindy Busby and Danielle Spencer previously, but all of them were rumors.

When it comes to Christopher’s personal life, he is very private about it. He has not provided or talked about his parents or family till now, but he has openly posted about his wife and children on his Instagram. He is currently married to his wife, Tailor James, with whom he shares two adorable children. He has not talked about his relationship till now, but there are rumors that the couple started dating each other when Russell was 21 years old.

Christopher Russell is married to Tailor James. celebsindepth.comChristopher Russell is married to Tailor James.
Image Source: Instagram

Christopher has 42.9k followers on his Instagram, but he rarely posts any pictures on it. It has been more than a year since he posted a picture with his wife and his children, so recently there have also been rumors that he has ended his marriage and is no longer a married man. Well, we don’t think this rumor is true because he has not deleted an earlier picture of his wife, Tailor.

When Did Christopher Russell Get Married to Tailor James? Wedding Photos

Christopher Russell‘s married life is still a mystery. Some people have been claiming that he has not married Tailor yet, while others think that his wedding was not big and was just a court marriage. The last time he posted about his wife was on September 20, 2021, captioning the picture as Classic PDA and claiming to love his wife more than the universe.

In the picture, many people kept their thoughts and called them a cute couple. While some seem curious to look at their wedding photos, others ask them to keep that fire burning always. Some people also comment on Christopher’s acting skills and call him their favorite hallmark actor. Talking about Christopher’s wife’s personal life, Tailor James was a model before getting married.

Christopher Russell has reportedly been married to his wife, Tailor James, since 2005. celebsindepth.comChristopher Russell has reportedly been married to his wife, Tailor James, since 2005.
Image Source: Instagram

James left her job and is now believed to be a housewife, but before, she was a Playboy Playmate model for over a decade. Tailor currently lives in Vancouver with her husband and two children. The couple loves going on vacation and spending time together. The first time Hallmark’s actor posted about his wife and daughter was on the occasion of Canadian Thanksgiving.

Christopher Russell Is Often Linked to Danielle Spencer & Cindy Busby!

Another rumor that might be creating people’s confusion is that Christopher Russell is married to Danielle Spencer. The rumors started spreading all over the internet when Danielle’s actual ex-husband, Russell Crowe, admitted that he wrote songs about his inevitable divorce from his ex-wife, Spencer. The names of them were so similar that people got confused.

Some of the Hallmark fans seem to be so obsessed with Christopher and Cindy Busby‘s on-screen love lives that people think that they are a thing in real life. Well, Cindy and Christopher have been in about four previous movies together, playing each love interest, but they never got married to each other on screen. In real life, they are just good friends, and both are married to different people.