Is Hisoka a Pedophile? Should You Buy His Dakimakura for Your Kids?

Sep 11, 2020 @ 1:12 GMT-0500
Is Hisoka a Pedophile? Should You Buy His Dakimakura for Your Kids?

Hunter x Hunter is a beloved anime series, which has been around for over two decades now. Following an 11-year-old kid, the manga and anime are critically acclaimed. But the antagonist of the manga and anime Hisoka also has a problematic history, leading people to ask, “Is Hisoka a Pedophile?”

The manga and anime series follows Gon Freecss, an 11-year-old kid who thinks his father left him. Only to later realize he is a hunter and himself decides to become a hunter so he can find his father. Along the way, he finds friends and makes enemies while letting his good but impulsive nature get himself in trouble.

One of the enemies he comes across is Hisoka Morow, who is presented as an antagonist at the beginning. But later, he lands, sometimes, in shades of grey helping Gon. Hisoka has a murderous tendency who likes challenges and is sexually aroused by them. The question, “Is Hisoka a Pedophile?” was born from his leery looks and sometimes scary actions towards young kids.

Is Hisoka a Pedophile? The Answer is a Little Complicated

Is Hisoka a Pedophile is a persistent question among Hunter x Hunter viewers.Is Hisoka a Pedophile is a persistent question among Hunter x Hunter viewers.
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Okay, we can all agree that some anime are extremely weird. That is the culture those characters are born from, so seeing it with a western lens may seem odd. Hisoka and the way he is portrayed in the anime and manga are weird to a degree.

He is shown as having a extreme hunger for going against people who show talent. It is one of the reasons why Gon even fell in Hisoka’s radar because of his performance during the Hunter test. But then there are those weird looks and sexual tension between him and young characters, which can be interpreted as pedophilia.

We cannot find anything that can concretely answer the question “Is Hisoka a pedophile?” but fans are divided when it comes to the topic. There are those who think there is no doubt and those who defend his action as just being overly competitive.

A first-time watcher of the anime with no knowledge of the source material may put him firmly in the pedophile column. Also, people watching the show is the current political climate also will fall in with that group.

So, Is Hisoka a Pedophile? No, we do not think so. Going after Gon, who is underage, is because of his talent, and we cannot ascertain a point where he was sexually forward towards Gon. Hisoka’s interest in Gon can simply be chalked up to his desire to fight the talented hunter.

There are Gay Rumors about Hisoka – Also the Pedophile Memes

There are plenty memes on the internet making the connection of Hisoka as a pedophile.There are plenty memes on the internet making the connection of Hisoka as a pedophile.
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Hisoka is a colorful character with a lot of flaws and quirks. Some consider the character to be gay, but there is no firm plot point we can point to and explain if he is gay. The manga does not dive into the character's classification, but some fans have their opinion of the way Hisoka presents himself.

Gay rumors are not the only thing popular about the character in the fan community; there are also pedophile memes. One of the biggest proponents of fans thinking there is something wrong with the character stems from the memes showing Hisoka with leery eyes, looking at young boys.

There are a plethora of pedophile memes along with gay rumors surrounding the character, which is why some fans feel guilty about liking the character. Now, imagine how they would feel about buying dakimakura featuring the character.

Hisoka Dakimakura – Body Pillow Featuring the Character

A Dakimakura is a body pillow, extended and used as a security object by Japanese teens. Dakimakuras are famous in Japan and among people who love anime culture. The body pillows feature anime characters, and there are plenty featuring Hisoka.

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Hisoka Dakimakura can be bought from retail websites, and there are people who are conflicted about holding a pillow with a character who might be a pedophile close to them. There is a simple fix, Hisoka is a fictional character, and no one involved in the making or creating of the character has been accused of pedophilia.

So, it is safe to say that the character is just too scary and creepy and not exactly a pedophile. “Is Hisoka a Pedophile?” is a question that is going to persist forever, but don’t let that opinionated question ruin your fun from the character and the show.

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