Is Isaac From Heartstopper Aromatic? Reddit Update if He Is Asexual!

Aug 6, 2023 @ 3:47 GMT-0500
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Is Isaac From Heartstopper Aromantic? Reddit Update if He Is Asexual!

Heartstopper has yet to reveal if Isaac is aromantic. While Reddit users believe he might come out either as aromantic or asexual, given that he is the least popular student and wants to live in his own world without any romantic involvement.

Heartstopper season 2 has officially arrived on Netflix, and it's already ranked among the top ten TV shows on the platform. Heartstopper was an instant sensation for Netflix when it launched last year, quickly climbing the streamer's charts and securing a double renewal for Seasons 2 and 3. The series is based on Alice Oseman's acclaimed graphic novels, which she adapted for Netflix alongside Euros Lyn. It follows (Kit Connor) and Charlie (Joe Locke), who form an unexpected friendship. It delves into the ups and downs of adolescence, coming out, and figuring out who you are.

It's the program that everyone is watching and talking about, and there are already a lot of questions regarding the upcoming season. In the second season of the British drama, Isaac befriends James McEwan, who develops a crush on him, but he doesn't seem to be interested in anyone, which causes fans and Reddit users to question his sexuality. So is Isaac from Heartstopper aromantic?

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We Are Not Sure if Heartstopper Is Aromantic!

Isaac's fellow bookworm, James McEwan (Bradley Riches), develops feelings for him. They are both working on the Pride display in the library, and James notes how "cool" it is to be in the company of other gay people. However, Isaac is considered one of Truham Grammar School's least popular students since he wants to live in his own world, which has made Reddit users believe he is aromantic.

It hasn't been revealed if Heartstopper is aromantic. celebsindepth.comIt hasn't been revealed if Heartstopper is aromantic.
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A straight audience member may perceive the characters to be default-straight; however, in the universe of Heartstopper, the characters are more likely to be on the LGTBQ+ spectrum. Naturally, Isaac concludes that if he isn't straight or bisexual, he must be gay, so he asks Charlie how he knew he liked Nick. However, Charlie's response of wanting to kiss Nick all the time does not appear to totally satisfy Isaac.

Even so, when he and James are alone, they share a kiss. It turns out to be their first kiss. James is vulnerable with Isaac and asks whether the kiss was acceptable, but he is unsure how to respond and flees. This shows that he might be aromantic.

Isaac's experience is clearly just beginning, as he was unfamiliar with asexuality and aromantics. Till now, he has not revealed if he is aromantic, while Reddit users and fans are excited to see what the showmakers will do in future seasons. Hopefully, the representation gives more insight into being asexual and aromantic and dispels some of the myths.

Reddit Users Believe Isaac Might either Come Out as Asexual or Aromantic in Heartstopper!

In Netflix's Heartsopper, Isaac meets an aromantic and asexual artist while attending a show at Elle's Lambert School of Art. He is deeply moved by the artist's work and remarks about breaking away from conventional concepts of love and sexuality. He understands the definition of asexuality since he walks to the library to buy a book about it.

In Heartstopper, Isaac proved to be the ideal conduit for this voyage. Because his character only appears in the television series, he was the ideal blank slate for pursuing journeys not previously explored in the graphic novel. Talking about sexuality, Alice told Netflix;

I always knew that I wanted to include asexual and aromantic characters in the Heartstopper TV show in a big way, as this wasn't something I had yet been able to find room for in the comics.

Fans believe Isaac might come out as aromantic or asexual. celebsindepth.comFans believe Isaac might come out as aromantic or asexual.
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According to Stonewall, asexuality is an umbrella word used to represent a lack of, variable, or intermittent sexual interest. Many members of the asexual community may also identify as aromantic (having no, variable, or infrequent feelings of romantic desire), and vice versa. Season two features an asexual plot line, which comes as no surprise given that author Oseman herself is on the aromantic-asexual (aro-ace) spectrum. She has written the coming-of-age novel Loveless, which features an ace protagonist, in addition to this series.

While all of Isaac's friends appear to be fascinated by love and romance, he discovers that he may not be as interested. The series depicts a variety of love—queer love, straight love, familial love, friend love, and more—but it has yet to address asexuality, which is odd given Heartstopper author Alice Oseman's sexuality. Reddit users are eager to see where his narrative goes next. Even though everyone's experience is unique, I believe Heartstopper does an excellent job of depicting an aromantic or asexual experience to which many individuals may connect.

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