Is Joe Locke Straight? His Gay Character in Heartstopper!

Joe Locke isn’t straight. He came out as gay, revealing his sexuality in an Instagram post at the age of twelve. Joe Locke is honored to be a part of the exhibition that explores the queer experience in Netflix’s Heartstopper as Charlie Spring, playing Kit Connor’s partner.

Heartstopper, which debuted on Netflix on April 22, 2022, is based on Alice Oseman‘s 2020 graphic novel of the same name, which tells the love story of Charlie Spring (Joe Locke), a shy gay student at Truham Grammar School who has recently been outed, and Nick (Kit Connor), a popular rugby player a year older than Charlie who sits next to him in class one morning.

The show explores Charlie and Nick’s relationship from the beginning of their deep friendship through Charlie’s crush on Nick and his battles with his own sexuality and affections for Charlie.

Heartstopper is about representation, identity, and first love for the young LGBTQ+ population, while also addressing other teen topics such as bullying and friendship issues. And in season 2, Joe Locke‘s appearance in the show has attracted more viewers wondering if he is bisexual.

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Joe Locke Is Gay, Not Straight!

Joe Locke (@joelocke03) revealed that he is gay, which means he is not gay. He revealed that he was gay in a May 2022 interview with The Independent, when he talked about how he felt “different” growing up on the Isle of Man in the United Kingdom due to his sexuality.

Joe Locke considers himself to be queer. In an interview with The New York Times while discussing coming out as gay on Instagram at the age of twelve before questioning his decision, he said Coming out was ridiculous; it’s still something that people have to do. But why did he fake the fact that the tweet was not by him? What had he actually thought?

Joe Locke revealed his sexuality as being gay. celebsindepth.comJoe Locke revealed his sexuality as being gay.
Source: Instagram

Well, Joe Locke told that he was overjoyed since he had just told his mother, about his sexuality. He rapidly recognized that he was ready to inform his mother but not the rest of the world. As a result, he instantly erased it and claimed that his Instagram had been hacked. He retreated into his closet for three years. “He told all of his friends, and they were like, Yeah, you told us two years ago.

Joe Locke remarked about playing a gay character in ‘Heartstopper, saying that a twelve-year-old him would be very proud and terrified.’ Despite the fact that he and his character Charlie Spring had distinct educational experiences, the former may empathize with the latter. He was never tormented in school, but he was a little odd, and he went through periods of being a little quieter than he would have liked. He added,

Teenage years are difficult, I believe, and as you get older, you forget that being a teenager may be difficult at times. When you’re that age, school is all that matters. It’s your entire existence. And your entire life revolves around what other people think of you, and if you’re ever going to find someone who likes you.

Joe Locke Plays the Gay Character Charlie in Netflix’s Heartstopper!

Being gay and not straight Joe Locke is honored to be a part of the exhibition that explores the queer experience. He said that right now, there’s a big push in the world to take away the autonomy of young queer people. It’s beautiful to be a part of a show that really pushes and loves the idea that young queer people can be in charge of their own fates,” he remarked in an interview with the New York Times. The queer artist wishes to be a part of the Disney realm after portraying Charlie. He told;

I’d like to be the first gay Disney prince. That would be a dream come true.

Joe Locke plays gay in Heartstopper as Charlie Spring. celebsindepth.comJoe Locke plays gay in Heartstopper as Charlie Spring.
Source: Instagram

Joe Locke plays Charlie Spring in Netflix’s Heartstopper. Charlie Spring is a shy and awkward adolescent who comes out as gay at the start of the series. He is openly gay in real life, and his portrayal of Charlie’s journey is realistic and vulnerable. While the other performers in Heartstopper are not open about their sexual orientation, it is crucial to note that sexual orientation is a spectrum and that some people may not feel comfortable expressing their sexuality in public. Regardless, LGBTQ+ characters and actors presence in media is critical for building inclusivity and understanding.

The representation of LGBTQ+ kids in a positive light Heartstopper is one of the few prominent television shows that portrays LGBTQ+ teenagers positively. The characters are well-developed and approachable, and their interactions are touching and genuine. The touching story Heartstopper is a touching story about friendship, first love, and accepting oneself. It’s a delight to watch, and it will leave you feeling elevated and inspired.