Is Keith Morrison Gay? Or Does the 75-Year-Old Journalist Have a Wife?

No, Keith Morrison is not gay because he has been married to his wife, Suzanne Perry, since 1981. The couple even has 4 children from their marriage. Additionally, some unverified sources claim that Keith was married to his first wife before his relationship with Suzanne.

Keith Morrison is a Canadian broadcast journalist who was born on July 2, 1947. Since 1995, he has worked as a Dateline NBC correspondent. In the 1960s, Morrison worked as a reporter and anchor at local stations in Saskatchewan, Vancouver, British Columbia, and Toronto, Ontario.

Keith began his journalism career as a news writer for the Saskatoon Star Phoenix shortly after graduating. He eventually rose to fame through the ranks to become an anchor and correspondent for CBC and CTV news. Later, he moved to the United States in 1986, becoming NBC’s West Coast newscaster for the Today Show and NBC Nightly News.

During his time at NBC, the TV host interviewed a wide range of people, including presidents, prime ministers, student activists, educators, felons, authors, artists, and actors. The Orlando shooting, Oscar Pistorius’ trial, 9/11, and the Manson Murders are among the notable events covered by the award-winning journalist.

Keith Morrison has seen a lot in his career, but the recent police chase involving a man born and raised in eastern Idaho is the most dramatic conclusion to a chase he’s ever seen. The video and true story of how the chase came to be are featured in a new two-hour ‘Dateline’ special called On a Dark Deserted Highway, which will air on 10 Feb 2023.

Since the headline, many fans have been curious to know about his personal life as well as his sexuality. We’ve no idea why but many people believe Keith Morrison is gay in real life. We don’t know how they became aware of his sexuality, but we do know the answer to their questions. Let’s find out if he’s gay or not.

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No, Keith Morrison Is Not Gay: The 75-Year-Old Journalist Has Been Married to His Wife, Suzanne Perry, Since 1981!

Keith Morrison (@dateline_keith) is not gay because he is married to Suzanne Perry, who is also the mother of Friends star Matthew Perry, as well as a writer, consultant, and former press secretary to then-Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. However, Matthew was born to Suzanne’s first husband.

The 75-year-old journalist and Suzanne exchanged vows as husband and wife in front of their close friends and family in 1981 after walking down the aisle together.

Because the two were both journalists, it’s possible that they met at work and began to like each other. It has been 42 years since their successful marriage, and the couple lives peacefully and with great affection. Likewise, there are no divorce rumors or controversies surrounding their love life. So the lovey-dovey couple is having a good time together.

In addition to their marital life, the couple has 4 children. Caitlin (born in 1981), Emily (born in 1985), Willy (born in 1987), and Madeleine (in 1989) are their four children from their marriage. Aside from them, he reportedly has a son from his first marriage.

Some reports suggest that he was previously married to Barbara Morrison before marrying Perry. In any case, he has kept all information about Barbara a secret. Furthermore, he has remained silent about his children’s current situation. Without a doubt, they are all adults as of 2023 and might have even gotten married.

As Keith Morrison is officially involved in a committed relationship with his wife Suzanne Perry, it’s clear that the journalist is not gay.

Keith Morrison Is Constantly Leaning on Things!

Keith Morrison is famous for his numerous contributions to journalism, but he is also an extremely unique individual, and as such, he owns the copyright to a number of reporter habits, such as leaning. Keith literally always leans on something while on camera, according to The Wrap, and this is true to the point where there’s an entire Instagram account dedicated to showing that Keith leans on things, which is eponymous with the account itself.

When asked why he does this so frequently, Morrison explained that the appearance of a reporter in a story is called a stand-up, and continued, ‘Whenever I’ve had to do a stand-up, I figured the best thing to do is to look relaxed and not look too excitable on camera, so I just lean on something. It just became a thing.’

Even the actor Dax Shepard addressed this habit in People magazine, saying that Keith’s propensity to constantly lean on almost any surface is one of the reasons he loves Dateline NBC the most.

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