Ali Harper From Selling the OC: Age, Instagram, Height, Husband (Boyfriend)!

Alexandra Ali Harper is a TV personality making an appearance in Selling the OC. She is a 30-year-old cast member standing at a height of between 5’8″and and 6’0″. She doesn’t have a husband, but as per her Instagram, she is dating her boyfriend, Lucas England.

The cast of “Selling the OC” on Netflix is adored because they are all incredibly fascinating and make you want to know more about them. Fans were eager to see how well Alexandra Ali Harper would perform in the California real estate market when she joined the reality show in season 2, on Netflix.

Nothing transforms the atmosphere of a workplace like a new agent joining the Selling Sunset network. Alexandra Harper, who makes her debut in season two of Selling the OC, is the most recent individual to do so. She joined the show not only as its newest cast member but also while residing across the nation from the office’s headquarters and before she became a real estate agent. Let us get into more detail about her.

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Ali Harper From Selling the OC Is a 30-Year-Old Reality Star; Parents, Height Instagram Details!

Alexandra Ali Harper (@alexandra_harper) is a 30-year-old reality TV personality who was raised in Williamson County, Tennessee, which is a suburb of Nashville. She makes an unexpected entrance into the series, Selling the OC, as someone who is interested in real estate but does not yet have her license. She reveals on the show that her partner travels to Orange County every Monday for work and that they are thinking about renting an apartment there.

Ali Harper stands at a height of between 5'8"and and 6'0". celebsindepth.comAli Harper stands at a height of between 5’8″and and 6’0″.
Source: Instagram

Ali Harper the cast of Selling the OC, is a native of the Deep South and was raised in the wonderful city of Nashville, Tennessee, where she was born as the only child of Sharon and Ed Harper in the latter part of January 1993. She stands at a height of between 5’8″ and 6’0″ tall, although her precise height is unknown.

However, she did grow up with parents and relatives who knew how to have a good time. She does, after all, come from “a very conservative, Christian” family. This 2011 graduate of Brentwood Academy’s preparatory school frankly stated in the series, “We love cocktails, and we love Jesus,” before emphasizing she always had support in all she did.

She has competed on reality TV before. She was a cast member of CMT’s Music City, a documentary series that followed young adults in Nashville in the year 2018 as they sought fame, love, and their ambitions. She also made an appearance in the film The Baby in the Basket, according to IMDB. In 2017, Ali Harper was named Miss Tennessee. According to her LinkedIn profile, she placed in the top 10 for Miss USA. She mentions Esther 4:14 in her Instagram bio, indicating that she places a lot of importance on her faith.

Ali Harper claims that after dabbling in Nashville’s real estate market and considering acquiring her license there, she eventually realized there were more options in Orange County. She is not currently listed as an agent at The Oppenheim Group on the brokerage’s website or as a salesperson connected to the business in the database of the California Department of Real Estate. But after chatting with agents from the OC office and Jason Oppenheim during the most recent episode, she seemed committed to getting her license.

Ali Harper Doesn’t Have a Husband but Is Dating Her Boyfriend, Lucas England!

As of this writing, Ali Harper is not married and doesn’t have a husband; however, she is dating her boyfriend, Lucas England (@lucas_k_england). The couple is enjoying their relationship. She was willing to brave the unknown by relocating to California from the comfort of Nashville because of the two’s obvious love and care for one another. Before Lucas took Ali out on a date in the summer of 2021, the two had been neighbors for almost three years. This was the beginning of a wonderful trip.

Ali Harper with her boyfriend, Lucas England. celebsindepth.comAli Harper with her boyfriend, Lucas England.
Source: Instagram

In June 2021, they allegedly moved in together, and since then, they’ve cherished every second of each other’s presence. In truth, Ali Harper had the idea to move to Orange County to be closer to her lover and spend more time with him because of Lucas’ hectic schedule. She said this in the caption of the post honoring Lucas’ birthday in October 2022.

With you, each day is a blessing! You are the best, most exciting, and most amazing person I’ve ever known, but I’m very sure you would say it’s a hardship every day with me.

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