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Anyone who watched It: Chapter One definitely remembers the opening scene where little Georgie runs down the street wearing his yellow raincoat and encounters Pennywise living in the sewer. This scene set the tone for the entire movie, and the series and the fans weren’t the only ones impressed by the amazing performance of Jackson Robert Scott, the director, Andy Muschietti, was so impressed he put Jackson in his new Netflix series Locke & Key.

Jackson Robert Scott was not particularly new to the show business by the time he ingrained himself into the minds of horror fans all over the world, but an appearance in It was the reason he is famous now. He was born on 18 September 2008 in Arizona to his parents, mother Robin Clutter Scott and father Dan Scott, and he is the first of two kids of Robin and Dan.


For most child actors, 11 may be the age of getting an agent and appearing in shows here and there, but Jackson Robert Scott is on a whole different playing field than most of his contemporaries. The actor is headlining the upcoming Netflix series Locke & Key, which is an adaptation from the award-winning comic book from author Joe Hill.

Jackson Robert Scott’s Early Introduction to the World of Show Business

Jackson Robert Scott started his acting journey at the age of five.Jackson Robert Scott started his acting journey at the age of five.
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Just looking at the filmography of Jackson Robert Scott will leave you wondering how all these achievements are possible for someone so small, but the thing is, Jackson started on his journey at a pretty young. He was only five years old when his parents enrolled in Jackson in CGTV program to hone his acting talents.

Jackson Robert Scott’s parents were pretty quick to recognize the talent of the actor, which resulted in them making sure he gets all the tools he needs to focus his talents better. The CGTV program helped the actor a lot, and soon as he was done with the course, Jackson was starring in a national jewelry commercial, and then he was also hired to his first TV role.

Making a Mark – From Advertisement to Starring in a Stephen King Adaptation

Jackson Robert Scott was only done with his training and was recording his own performance reels when numerous LA firms came for the signature of the actor. Before he was signed, there were over 15 agents calling the actor to get him for their agency, but ICM Partners were the ones who were able to sign the actor.

The agent hit the ground running, and Jackson was soon in a nationally televised ad, and then the actor was also in a single episode of Criminal Minds. Jackson Robert Scott also played a small part in the third season of The Walking Dead, but the reason he is known to the people all over the world is for the character of Georgie in the Stephen King adaptation of It.

Watch: Georgie is killed by Pennywise in the opening scene of It: Chapter 1


Georgie actor Jackson Robert Scott was only on the screen for a limited time in the first movie, but he was one of the standout characters from the film. The scary opening death was ingrained in people’s brains, but the basement scene and the cave scenes were enough to make a mark among the horror fans.

It made Jackson a household name, and this also resulted in the actor getting the starring role of Mile Blume in the hit horror film The Prodigy. Jackson was also back for the second installment for It, and he is following the film up with another horror series Locke & Key, for Netflix.

Jackson Robert Scott Plays Bode Locke in the Netflix Series Locke & Key

Based on the award-winning comic book by Joe Hill, Locke & Key is a supernatural horror series where the Locke children find their way to the home of their father and the mystery waiting for them to uncover at the place. At the start of Locke & Key, Rendell Locke is said to have died, and the kids of Rendell make their way to his home.

The youngest of the Locke kids is Bode Locke, played by Jackson Robert Scott, and when he arrives at his father’s home, the little kid finds a key in the house, which is later revealed to be a portal to another dimension occupied by demons, where he is lured by Dodge/Echo, played by Laysla De Oliveira. Old magic and enemies come to light, and the Locke kids get involved in the mystery of the keys.

Jackson Robert Scott’s character of Bode, along with his two other siblings Tyler and Kinsey, played by Connor Jessup and Emilia Jones respectively, try to make sense of the powers of the keys and also the intention of a demon who wants the possession of the magical items before it is all over. Locke & Key will be available worldwide on 7 February 2020, only on Netflix.

What is Jackson Robert Scott’s Net Worth?

Only 11 years old of age, but the number of hit movies and TV shows Jackson’s been a part of leads us to believe the actor is getting paid handsomely for his appearances. The actor was also the leading character of the horror movie The Prodigy, and the film was a profitable one.

Plus, Jackson is also the leading character of the Netflix series Locke & Key, and Netflix does pay its stars handsomely. Though nowhere near the amount paid to the Stranger Things cast, which now stands at $250,000 for everyone and $350,000 for Millie Bobby Brown, but Jackson is definitely paid about $50,000 per episode for Locke & Key, Jackson Robert Scott’s Net Worth could be around $300,000 with the most modest of estimates.

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