Jade Ma Boyfriend - Budding Relationship with Her New Partner!

Mar 10, 2021 @ 22:38 GMT-0500

Jade Ma is a 23-year-old actress from the UK who is appearing in the Marvel movie Black Widow and playing a supporting role in Netflix's Zero Chill. She also recently made public her new boyfriend and you can find all the details here.

Jade Ma was only 15 when she starred in a stage play put together in Hong Kong. She wanted to be a doctor or work in the medical field but her mother supported her to pursue acting. Nearly a decade later, she is starring in a Netflix TV show as well as appearing in a Marvel film.

Born in Hong Kong to her British father and Asian mother, Jade is the eldest of three children. The family lived in Hong Kong for a while, later moving to the UK where the family settled and Jade continued her career in show business.

Starting out as a dancer, acting came to her when she was cast in a musical. Encouragement from her mother and Jade's own interest resulted in her pursuing acting as a career. In London, she attended Guildford School of Acting and got an agent. Now, she is appearing in a Netflix show. So, before the actress goes all famous, here is everything you need to know about her boyfriend and personal life.

Jade Ma Boyfriend - Revealing Her BF Online

jade-ma-boyfriend-2021Jade Ma is currently dating her boyfriend Jet Thorsteinsson. They have been together for a little while now but the relationship was only made public in February.
Image Source: Jade Ma Instagram

The British actress travels between the UK, Hong Kong, and Canada from time to time. She holds British and Canadian passports and we think during one of her trips to the North American country the actress fell in love with her current boyfriend. Her boyfriend made his debut on her Instagram last month.

Jade Ma is currently dating her boyfriend Jet Thorsteinsson. The actress made the relationship Instagram official on 14 February 2021. On Valentine's Day, Jade posted a picture of herself and her boyfriend holding their dog and wrote the caption, "my valentines <3."

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A not-so-active Instagram user, the Valentine's Day post was her first in over half a year. Jade shared two pictures of the couple, one indoors with the two of them holding a dog up and smiling for the camera. The other picture had the duo outdoors with snow on the ground on what looked like Candian surrounding.

Jade and her boyfriend Jet are also on Facebook where they have been friends for a while now. It seems the relationship has been going on for a little while now, and the actress only made it official this year. That is not really a surprise considering the frugal nature of both of them on social media use.

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Jet Thorsteinsson was born in Burnaby, British Columbia, and currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. From what we could discern from his social media presence, Jet is a car enthusiast with a pretty outspoken view about politics. He also loves Japanese culture, or so it seems from his profile image on Facebook.

There is no information as to how the duo met for the first time but Jade's recent openness about the relationship she shares with her boyfriend shows the trust they have in each other. While she only made the romance public, we are certain they have been together for a little while now.

Jade Ma Plays Sky in the Netflix Series Zero Chill

Lime Pictures have had some success in recent times, blending sports and teenage drama together in films and TV shows. Their recent production, Zero Chill, was picked up by Netflix and the show blends figure skating with ice hockey for a compelling young-adult 10-episode series.

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Zero Chill follows a twin brother and sister who are both amazing talents on the ice. He is a sought-after player while she is an aspiring figure skater. But things change for one of them when the family decides to follow the brother to the UK where he is getting into a reputed academy, dashing the hopes of the sister.

Jade Ma plays Sky in Zero Chill. Sky is also a figure skater who becomes friends with the newcomers. Both Sky and Kayla share an art form and they try to make the best of the situation they are put in. From the trailers, it also appears Sky has a romantic interest in the show and we cannot wait to figure out where it all goes.

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Zero Chill will arrive on 15 March 2021 only on Netflix. The cast is led by Grace Beedie and Dakota Taylor as Kayla and Mac respectively. Sarah Jane Potts as Jane, Doug Rao as Luke, Jade Ma as Sky, Jeremias Amoore as Bear Stelzer, Oscar Skagerberg as Anton, Stanislaus Steinbichler as Nico, and Christina Tam as Holly also star.

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