Jeremias Amoore Girlfriend - Zero Chill Star's 4 Year Old Relationship with His GF!

Mar 13, 2021 @ 2:23 GMT-0500

Jeremias Amoore is a 25-year-old actor from Essex, England. He is a graduate of East 15 Acting School and is currently starring in the Netflix series Zero Chill as Bear Stelzer. Jeremias is also dating his girlfriend of over 4 years and here we take a deep-dive into the personal life of the young actor.

Born on 11 October 1995, Jeremias Amoore is of mixed-race. The oldest of four kids, Jeremias was born to his caucasian mother. He has two younger sisters and one younger brother. A British native, Jeremias is fluent in German and his younger brother lives in Germany.

Harboring ambitions for appearing in front of the camera and pursuing a career in acting, Jeremias enrolled in acting programs after finishing his education. All the training led the actor to his new Netflix show and with that, a wider level of fame. Today we are taking a look at Jeremias' personal life, especially his relationship with his girlfriend.

Jeremias Amoore Girlfriend - Four Years and Still Going Strong

jeremias-amoore-girlfriend-2021Jeremias Amoore is dating his girlfriend Karise Olivia. They have been together for more than 4 years.
Image Source: Jeremias Amoore Instagram

In 2016, a 20-year-old Jeremias was certain he wanted to be an actor, and to make that dream a reality he enrolled in East 15 Acting School. The intention for enrolling in the class was to hone his skills on stage and get tips on how to be a better actor. But Jeremias found something more during his time training, he found his love, his girlfriend.

Jeremias Amoore is currently dating his girlfriend Karise Olivia. From what we can tell, the two met for the first time while training in East 15. The timeline also adds up considering the couple celebrated their four-year anniversary in December of 2020.

Even if they did not meet in class, the length of their relationship puts it smackdab right at the start of Jeremias' stint at East 15 Acting School. Whatever the case, the duo seems to love one another immensely. And while her appearances are frugal, she does appear from time to time on Jeremias' Instagram page.

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Jeremias first posted about his girlfriend on 17 July 2018. He shared a picture of the couple and captioned the post, "God Save The Queen, My Queen! #love." Friends and acquaintances congratulated the pair and gushed how cute Jeremias and his girlfriend looked together.

Karise is also an actress but she appears to be mostly focused on the stage side of things. Her social media is also pretty bare, the private account has only one post to date. She also does not comment on Jeremias' pictures, even the ones featuring her. It seems Jeremias' girlfriend is comfortable keeping her feeling away from social media.

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On 8 June 2019, the actor posted a picture of himself with his girlfriend as they celebrated graduation from East 15 Acting School. This is what made us conclude that the duo was together in acting school and that is where they first met as well as the place where their romance commenced.

More recently Jeremias posted a picture of his girlfriend on 29 December 2020. The couple was celebrating four years of relationship and Jeremias wrote the caption, "Marking 4 Years with this stunning Woman this month❤️❤️❤️ @kariseolivia."

Jeremias Amoore Plays Bear Stelzer in Netflix Series Zero Chill

Zero Chill is the new ice-skating drama series from Netflix. Last year it was Spinning Out which was canned after a single season, but the themes of that series were a little more mature than Zero Chill, which is focused on a younger audience, particularly young-adults.

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The new Netflix series follows twins Mac and Kayla. Mac is an ice hockey star while Kayla holds her own in figure skating. But when Mac receives an offer to go to the UK to attend a reputed academy, the family decides to move to the UK, dashing the dreams of Kayla.

Jeremias Amoore plays Bear Stelzer in Zero Chill. By his name, it appears the German-speaking talents will come in handy for the actor. From the trailers, it seems Bear is unwelcoming to the new guy in the team but they are on a path to become friends and teammates. Bear also appears to have a back story, which will be revealed a little further in the 10-episode series.

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Zero Chill is coming to Netflix on 15 March 2021. The cast is led by Grace Beedie and Dakota Taylor as Kayla and Mac respectively. Sarah Jane Potts as Jane, Doug Rao as Luke, Jade Ma as Sky, Jeremias Amoore as Bear Stelzer, Oscar Skagerberg as Anton, Stanislaus Steinbichler as Nico, and Christina Tam as Holly also star.

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