Mason Temple Girlfriend – Ginny & Georgia Star Thankful of His Partner’s Tolerance

Mason Temple was a struggling actor, living off jobs, one at a time, and then he was cast as one of the leads in the Netflix show Ginny & Georgia. The past five years have been eventful for the young actor who is grateful for every moment. But the one thing Mason is most grateful for is his girlfriend’s tolerance towards him, or as he says “putting up” with him every day.

Born on 17 January 1996, Mason Temple is biracial with Taiwanese heritage. He was raised in Forth St. John and went to North Peace Secondary, graduating in 2014. A performer from a young age, Mason attended Studio 58 to continue a career in acting and he graduated in 2017 with numerous stage credits to his name.

Since Mason left high school, he started working on stage plays, earning a living one project at a time. That is the life of a struggling actor but through it all, one thing was constant for Mason, his partner. The actor has been in a relationship for a long while now, so here is everything you need to know about his girlfriend.

Mason Temple Girlfriend – Dating his Friend for Nearly a Decade

mason-temple-girlfriend-2021Mason Temple is dating his girlfriend Emily Grace. They have been together for nearly a decade.
Image Source: Mason Temple Instagram

Lucky are those people who fall in love with their best friends and those relationships are also long-lasting, in most cases. Being in love with your best friend means that person loves you in spite and even because of your small quirks. That is the reason why those people are together for a long time.

That is the relationship Mason Temple shares with his girlfriend, Emily Grace. Also hailing from Canada, Emily and Mason went to the same school and from what we can tell, they have been together for nearly a decade now. The very first picture shared by Mason on his Instagram page on 17 February 2012 was of his girlfriend Emily, with the caption, “My little nerd.”

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During the high school graduation time of Mason, he shared a picture of himself and Emily in full formal attire as they probably headed to their prom. They went to the prom together, looking fine in their matching red clothes and sharing cute pictures from the night.

Mason’s Instagram page is filled with pictures of him and his girlfriend Emily walking the red carpet, attending parties, feeding birds, and many more hilarious things. It is so obvious that they were friends before becoming romantically involved.

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While you will not find a caption where Mason is calling her his girlfriend but the pictures are self-explanatory. They are either dating or are way too close friends. Emily even went to Taiwan to visit Mason while he was there meeting his grandfather and aunt. Also, Young People’s Theatre writes about the profile of the actor, “Mason would also like to thank his partner for putting up with him daily.”

So, it is clear that Mason is in a relationship. He is thankful to his partner for putting up with him. But we could not find anyone who would fit the partner profile better than Emily. Her Instagram is private so we could not research her page, but we are certain Mason Temple’s girlfriend is Emily Grace.

Mason Temple Plays Hunter Chen in the Netflix Series Ginny & Georgia

For five years in Mason Temple appeared in stage plays. Soon after he was out of high school the actor was living off of acting cheques from the stage. As a struggling actor, you expect the grind to be hard but two years after graduating from acting school Mason landed a leading role in Ginny & Georgia.

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Saying no to stage roles, Mason bet on Netflix and his audition tape got him one of the major roles. He was hired to play Hunter Chen in Ginny & Georgia. Hunter is the romantic lead opposite to Ginny Miller. According to the trailers they appear to be together with the promotional pictures also showing the two together.

Ginny & Georgia follows mother and daughter Ginny and Georgia Miller where the 15-year-old daughter has more sense than the 30-year-old mother. After years on the run, the family of three settles down in suburban Massachusetts but Georgia’s past doesn’t stay in the past which threatens the whole family.

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Ginny & Georgia will arrive on 24 February 2021 only on Netflix. The cast is led by Brianne Howey as Georgia Miller, Antonia Gentry as Ginny Miller, and Diesel La Torraca as Austin Miller. With Jennifer Robertson as Ellen, Felix Mallard as Marcus, Sara Waisglass as Maxine, Scott Porter as Mayor Paul Randolph, Raymond Ablack as Joe, and Mason Temple as Hunter Chen also starring.

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